Config troubles

  1. Config troubles

    Hi, Iv recently had a lot of trouble making configs for kits I make.
    Was just wondering if anybody could help me sort this out.

    I use Graphics Guru 11. (the red/pink colour)
    Kits are saved in the same file as the config,
    Kits are PNG format and sized 250X250 pixels.
    The unique Id has been checked and re checked.
    I do the usual, untick use cache and click reload skin on confirm.

    However the kits refuse to show up in game. Does anybody have any solution to this?

    Heres an attached copy of the cofig if anybody wishes to inspect it further:

    If anybody could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I had problems using that mate. That's why I use fmXML instead. Found it much easier to use

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