Help with 3d kits

  1. Help with 3d kits

    Hey all, got another issue.

    I've found a mess of 3d kits for fm2011 and they all look good and come with proper config files.

    I've installed them to graphics/pictures/kits/3d/(nation x)

    But they won't show up in the 3d match engine...

    I have skin cache unticked. I've read where a few people had this problem, but nobody ever bothered to figure it out.

  2. my arsenal thrid will only show up when i play at anfield, which is the all blue kit. doesnt appear frequenly though
    like in IRL, manu will wore their all black kit when they played against arsenal at the Emirates, so did liverpool, but in game, both come in their white kit.

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    did u edit the config file ?

  3. haven't touched the configs except to check that the ID's were right

    and let me make it clear, the kits look good in the jpg pictures and screenshots I saw.

    I can't get ANY to work in game. I just deleted all my 2d kits (in case configs from 2d and 3d conflict) and am about to test now.

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    apparently, getting rid of the 2d kits fixed the problem....

    ...despite the 3d kit makers emphatically stating 2d and 3d kits won't clash.

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