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Can someone make me a 3d kit?

  1. Can someone make me a 3d kit?

    Howdy, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a couple of kits for the 3d match engine for me.

    I'm pretty sure I can handle the config, I'd just need someone who is good with a paintbrush in his hand.

    The first is Hansa Rostock's new kits.

    and the second are Venezia's kits that were designed on FM base

    Name:  venezia_away.png
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Size:  25.7 KBName:  venezia_home.png
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Size:  23.7 KBName:  venezia_third.png
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  2. Hmmm...not sure anybody on Base does 3d kits. Have you tried Fanboys yet? More kit makers there?

  3. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Why So Serious?
    Do you mean the 3d 'default' FM kits?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by StuW View Post
    Do you mean the 3d 'default' FM kits?
    I think he means the 3d kits with sponsors and logos

  5. I'm not sure what you mean Stu

    I'm just looking for someone to create custom match engine kits based on those shirts like this: Can someone make me a 3d kit?-arsenal_home.png

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Steve* View Post
    Hmmm...not sure anybody on Base does 3d kits. Have you tried Fanboys yet? More kit makers there?
    Honestly there isn't much traffic over there

  7. My bad so, just they seem to have the best kit makers Iv seen.

    Anyway what StuW meant by default kits was just plain kits like you create in the editor. They wouldnt have the fancy designs, textures or logos like a proper 3d kit. I have only seen one 3d kit maker on this forum and he has only shown his previous work, didnt have an actual request thread. If my memory serves me correctly his name is Alexander KrusseBerg(sp). Posted a thread about a month ago in kits so if you have the paitience look for it and maybe PM him and see if he could do it for you. Sorry I cannot be of much more help to you

  8. I will make you them if I get my new laptop charger today
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  9. Super!

    yeah, I just said that

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    Need me to ship you a charger?

  10. here they are

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  11. *humps Kev's leg*

    If you need anything (almost anything) just let me know! I'll be glad to repay the favor.

    Just one little thing I have to ask. Could you remove the diagonal stripes on the Venezia shorts? I know I should have specified, but they are fairly plain shorts in real life.
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  12. sidgurung97's Avatar sidgurung97
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montanaro View Post
    *humps Kev's leg*
    I'm sorry but leg?

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