FMTID's Kit Request Thread

  1. FMTID's Kit Request Thread

    Well here is my kit request Thread ! i am reasonabily new to the FMScene but i have photoshop and have many templates too choose from. if you want kits too be made use this template to fill in.
    Team Name : Kit style (template) :
    Kit supplier [nike,puma] :
    Kit Sponser (optional) :
    Home Kit colours/design :
    Away kit colours/design :
    Third Kit (optional)Colours/design :

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    anyone fancy giving me a request
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  2. Sure Ill get ya started

    Team Name :Real Madrid
    Kit style (template) : FB
    Kit supplier [nike,puma] : Addidas
    Kit Sponser (optional) : Siemens Mobile
    Home Kit colours/design : White, with black details, must have a collar
    Away kit colours/design : Black with gold details, v neck
    Third Kit (optional)Colours/design : Purple with white detail, design not important

  3. IndonesianSpursFan's Avatar IndonesianSpursFan

    Team Name: Newcastle United
    Kit style: FB
    Supplier: Puma
    Sponsor: AON
    Home kit colours/design: Black stripes on white background, yellow details and collar
    Away kit colours/design: plain Tangerine with white colar

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