Tailored by Alvalade 3.0

  1. Tailored by Alvalade 3.0



    Unique ID:
    Kit Manufacturer:
    Home Kit Colours & Design:
    Away Kit Colours & Design:
    Third Kit Colours & Design:
    Template Style (SS, LS , FB or FC):
    Extra Info:


    • Request you're kit once, do not pester me on here or via pm, to find out when you're kit will be done
    • If you've requested you're kit elsewhere, do not ask me to make it in here, as i won't make kits for you again

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  2. Team: Newcastle
    Unique ID: 688
    Kit Manufacturer: adidas
    Home Kit Colours & Design: Black and white stripes
    Away Kit Colours & Design: Blue with black and white details
    Third Kit Colours & Design: white with mint details
    Sponsor: Northern rock
    Template Style (SS, LS , RK , FB or FB-SS): SS
    Extra Info: PL sleeve badges. if you cant do them though its no bother
    Thanks mate

  3. I'm back in business

  4. Team: PSG
    Unique ID: 868
    Kit Manufacturer: Nike
    Home Kit Colours & Design: The current dark blue all over - Design Like Arsenal's home but with white stripes on the sleeves instead of red and blue; white sponsors.
    Away Kit Colours & Design: Same as France's away kit but white with black trim.
    Third Kit Colours & Design: Same as Arsenal's away kit but without the red cuffs on the sleeves.
    Sponsor: Fly Emirates
    Template Style (SS, LS , FB or FC): SS
    Extra Info: If it isn't too much trouble, would you be able to compile a few variations of the above but using different templates. I've just tried to do my own but Photoshop has lowered my self esteem (not a clue what I was doing).

    Hope the above is ok, thanks a lot!
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  5. Team: Liverpool
    Unique ID: 676
    Kit Manufacturer: Warrior
    Home Kit Colours & Design: Red with white trim
    Away Kit Colours & Design: Black and white
    Third Kit Colours & Design: Yellow with red trim
    Sponsor: Standard Chartered
    Template Style (SS, LS , FB or FC): Short Sleeve
    Extra Info: Just put your own slant on the usual Liverpool kits. =]

  6. Hi Alvalade thanks for offering to do some kits requests.

    Team: Peninsula Power
    Unique ID: N/A
    Kit Manufacturer: Gorilla
    Home Kit Colours & Design: Blue with white trim
    Away Kit Colours & Design: Reverse of the home kit White with blue trim
    Third Kit Colours & Design: N/A
    Sponsor: Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers
    Template Style (SS, LS , FB or FC): SS
    Extra Info: Some pics attached

    Name:  PeninsulaPower.png
Views: 185
Size:  32.5 KBTailored by Alvalade 3.0-peninsula-power-home.jpgTailored by Alvalade 3.0-peninsula-power-home4.jpgTailored by Alvalade 3.0-peninsula-power-home6.jpgTailored by Alvalade 3.0-peninsula-power-home7.jpgTailored by Alvalade 3.0-gorrilla-sports.jpg

    Thanks in advance.

  7. I've already done the kits, I'll upload them later.

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