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Kit Megapack?

  1. *Paul*'s Avatar *Paul*Premium Member
    Premium Member

    Kit Megapack?

    Hey fellow kit-makers,

    I'm thinking of making a massive kit megapack which will increase FM-Base's downloads. We have a 50,000+ faces, and logo megapacks but it seems there are hardly any massive kit megapacks which include many leagues.

    I'm willing to help make it, but I won't be able to do on my own. I predict it should be finished by New Year if we have a few people helping. It's not strict deadlines - we just make it when we can and we all get assigned to a certain country/league. Just post in this thread if you're interested and we should get to work by next Monday.


  2. Well to be honest Paul, I doubt you will get many helpers as there arent too many kit makers with plenty of time on their hands.
    What template were you thinking of using?

  3. Fontanslb's Avatar Fontanslb
    i could make the portuguese league kits if you want shame there aren't many kit makers

  4. StuW's Avatar StuWPremium Member
    Why So Serious?
    The reason no kits are in megapacks, is because they are constantly a WIP, with teams changing kits all of the time.

  5. you'd be much much better off compiling various finished kit packs into one megapack...after you asked for permission from the creators of course.

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