England/Spain National kits

  1. England/Spain National kits

    Hello guys, I have recently downloaded a European national team kits file, everything works fine apart from both England kits and Spain's home shirt. I have used the search tool but found nothing to help resolving this problem. Have any of you had this problem and how did you resolve it?


  2. There must be just a problem with the config file.
    Open the config file and just check that the unique id is correct.
    If it is check the file size of the images that they are no more than 250x250 pixels

  3. MisterStubbs, was this my europe nations pack you downloaded? I am aware that there is an issue with some of the kits not showing up in FM2012.... I am working on a fix at the moment and will let you know when the pack is re-uploaded.

  4. Now made the changes and fixed the problem - I have tested in new game scenario on FM2012 and all show up fine. Hopefulyl will be the same in advanced games too. Latest pack is uploaded now: Hermanchides SS EUROPE National Kits 2011 - Downloads - Football Manager 2012 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

  5. Okay mate awesome, shall give it a go! thanks.

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