guys, firstly hello, used this site for years for kits but never signed up! however now my pc is broke I am using my work mac and can't seem to get the kits I downloaded to show up. Can anyone help me to get them working please? apologises if I have posted in the wrong place but I couldn't seem to find any specific guides to doing it on mac via steam so please correct me if I am in the wrong place (don't want to be seen as a lazy trouble maker on my first post!)

I went into:

/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/football manager 2012/

and in their created a folder called graphics which I put the folders with the kits into (their are in two seperate folders, Blue Square North & Blue Square South)

did all the skinning options back in game but alas it hasn't worked, does anyone know if thats the correct way of doing it for mac? as I would dearly like to re-kit the game out with kits, logos and faces from here like I always used to.


p.s I took some screen grabs of the file path but can't upload them from work.