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Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*

  1. Quote Originally Posted by wkdsoul View Post
    Some kits for the Las Vegas Rollers FC.

    Attachment 1042226Attachment 1042227

  2. Could decide on the sponsor type for the NBA kits, so kept one each for home and away.

    Celtics, Hawks, Nets, Cavaliers, Hornets done so far...

    Attachment 1043141

  3. NYCFC
    Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-nycfc-home.pngRate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-nycfc-away.pngRate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-nycfc-away-third.png
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by ok2001 View Post
    Sox Fan through and through.... both sox actually
    I like them both

    Done - All American Franchises Database

  5. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Attachment 1044632Attachment 1044633

  6. Leeds United Fantasy Kit


    I made this home kit. It's my first kit ever, i'm verry newbie in using photoshop, so... I need some feedback!
    Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-nb-home-pl.png
    Thank you!

  7. that leeds kits is really smart i love the contrast of colours

    Here are my dundee united kits
    Name:  dundee_united1.png
Views: 403
Size:  44.9 KBName:  dundee_united2.png
Views: 387
Size:  21.4 KBName:  dundee_united3.png
Views: 392
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  8. the badge on the 1st kit needs clarifying more,
    its too blended with the main shirt colour so doesnt really stand out but good looking kits,
    these are my first attempt at making kits we have Fiorentina Home, Away & European thanks

    Name:  fiorentina_1.png
Views: 356
Size:  48.4 KBName:  fiorentina_2.png
Views: 366
Size:  42.2 KBName:  fiorentina_3.png
Views: 374
Size:  49.5 KB
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  9. Hi guys,

    Not sure if this thread is still active or not but there are some great designs on here. I wondered if anybody was up for the challenge of designing a Harchester United shirt (harking back to the glory days of Dream Team!). I fancy setting myself an FM challenge with a rejuvenated Harchester United.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by loozmo View Post
    I think if the sponsor logo to make it bit smaller and positioned at slightly higher, should be look better

  11. Red Bull Portsmouth FC

    Name:  portsmouth_1.png
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Size:  86.5 KBName:  portsmouth_2.png
Views: 306
Size:  66.0 KBName:  portsmouth_3.png
Views: 308
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  12. QPR

    These ones were a request via PM

    Queens Park Rangers:

    Name:  qpr_1.png
Views: 292
Size:  50.9 KBName:  qpr_2.png
Views: 291
Size:  42.8 KBName:  qpr_3.png
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by Steve* View Post
    First go at making kits in about 3 years. Accounting for the fact that im also bladdered at the minute id appreciate some feedback on these.
    Attachment 1034897Attachment 1034898Attachment 1034899

    If feedback is generally positive i may start doing some kit requests again. I will also be creating a completely new template as part of a college project I have to recreate all Euro 16 kits as projections so template will match shape of my dummy that i will project onto. Anybody that wishes for more details PM me

    Smart looking kits and realistic, too. But for me, that red one is a Nottingham Forest shirt with the wrong badge. Liverpool wear a brighter shade of red and often have some yellow detail, in addition to the white trim.

    Subtle differences like that take kit designs to the next level. Another example: Stoke City wear red-and-white; so do Southampton but they have black trim; Sunderland's red-and-white has black and gold trim.

    Good kits, though.

  14. Moving away from the iconic hooped design to vertical stripes for QPR is ambitious, but it works well on these. In general, the badges and sponsors are clear with a nice collar design and good consistency throughout.

    Home - 6/10 - Might want to stick to the blue and white for the home shirt, the neon blue isn't the kindest on the eyes.

    Away - 8/10 - Traditionally QPR played in vertical red and black stripes away from home and this is the best of the three in my opinion. The gradient on the stripes is the nicest of the three and the contrasting colours work well, could be improved by adding red cuffs to the sleeves, in keeping with the Home and Third.

    Third - Interesting combinations of green and black for the third, the colours work well for a change strip and it's vibrant, so stands out more than other kits made. The trim on the bottom of the shirt doesn't really work with the gradient and obscures the stripes somewhat, so might be better if it was absent, as with the others.
    All in all, interesting designs.

  15. My current kits im using for QPR gamesave
    home, away & third:
    Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-untitled-1.jpg

  16. Genclerbirligi

    Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-gymob6.png

  17. Hi,
    Could someone please make me some Olympique de Marseille kits ?

    Manufacturer : Puma
    Sponsor : Orange (

    Home : main colour white, secondary color blue
    Away : main colour azure blue, secondary color white
    Third : your choice.

    Thanks in advance. <3

  18. Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-marseille-home.pngRate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-marseille-away.pngRate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-marseille-3rd.png These kits any good?

  19. What do you think?...

    What do you guys think of these?...
    Attached Images    

  20. I don't like Liverpool so maybe I am not the best to judge haha!

    I sort of like the 2nd and 3rd kits, but the 2nd kit feel like the collar and sleeves don't mix well with the pattern on the front. The third one is pretty good but never been a fan of the yellow dark red color combo. Home kit can't really go wrong haha. Thought I would drop some recent creations here... pretty simple new Shrewsbury town home, away & 3rd. Wanted something pretty simple but "classy" using old sponsor though! Don't tell Energy Check or Shropshire Homes. Third kit is relatively simple may try do something bit different with it but it's in keeping with the overall design and look.

    Rate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-shrewsbury-home1.pngRate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-shrewsbury-away1.pngRate My Kit Thread - *Please Read Rules Before Posting*-shrewsbury-away2.png
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  21. Name:  o.png
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  22. Danny's Avatar Danny
    Super Moderator
    FM-BASE are running a create a kit competition on Twitter, where the winner will win a Steam Key for Football Manager 2019!

    Details can be found here:

  23. Quote Originally Posted by PrincipleSkinner View Post
    My current kits im using for QPR gamesave
    home, away & third:
    Attachment 1120972
    The home looks more like a reading shirt

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