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New 3D Shirt Model - WIP

  1. New 3D Shirt Model - WIP

    Heya people, I'm working on a custom 3d model, as you can see it's nowhere near done but i wanted to pop up with how it looks like, remember it's an undercooked version of the model.




    In the upcoming days i'll work on making it generic and probably have no mistakes. You can see there are no strips or borders or any collars on the both. I've put the sponsor and the logos for a casual preview.

    Also I've made the broader shoulders purposely for the realistic simulation on the model that would stretch and make folds off it, which i'll explain at a later time and moment.

    I'm also looking for a programmer who can compile a program to generate 3d kits, just like Smart Shirt Designer but 3d. Any contacts appreciated.

    P.S. Steve :- Sorry about posting this in rate my kit thread and not rating the guy above me

    full size:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New 3D Shirt Model - WIP-wergae.png   New 3D Shirt Model - WIP-ryjdtyikeeew.png  
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  2. Too be honest they look a bit odd. The shape looks like it is designed for someone with small hips and a big waist. Sorry to be critical but I dont like them.
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  3. np mate. Cheers. I'll be tweaking a lot of this so hopefully there will be a couple of versions out.


  4. Just came back from Uni and made a new kit. Been lil lazy, could do better. Still messy at places. Sorry for the double post.New 3D Shirt Model - WIP-gwarehergreeyhsr.png
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  5. Trying on the Old lady Jersey. Couple of corrections needed.

    New 3D Shirt Model - WIP-jstjtrkj.png

  6. 4char
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New 3D Shirt Model - WIP-aston-villa-1.png  

  7. Chelsea kit. Bit twisty.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New 3D Shirt Model - WIP-1e.png  

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