How do you put kits into FM2012

  1. How do you put kits into FM2012

    I've been trying to fiddle around with the kits I have, both 2d and 3d kits but I can't seem to achieve success. First of all I can't find where the default/original kits are, don't know what folder they're in and I just can't seem to find them. All I want to do is change the kit on the club information screen, I'm not too bothered about the 3d kits whilst watching the match. Help would be very much appreciated!

  2. place these files in the following folders
    2D:my docs/si/fm12/graphics/kits
    3D :my docs/si/fm12/graphics/kits/3D

    if you havent got any of these folders then make them.

    go onto prefrences display and sound untick skin cache tick reload skin on confirm then hit confirm and you'll kits will work

  3. Thanks, I have done this so far, but on the config file, the <record from= bit is the file name, but where does it record to=?

  4. your config should e like this.
    <record from="arsenal_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/away"/>
    <record from="arsenal_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home"/>
    <record from="arsenal_third" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/third"/>
    <record from="astonvilla_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/away"/>
    <record from="astonvilla_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/home"/>

  5. It does, well I only want to change one team's kit at the moment... but what I'm trying to say is where it says "to=graphics/pictures/team/613/kits/home etc... this must be the folder where the kits are stored, but I cant find this folder anywhere in the FM12 folders... I have also unticked use skin cache and ticked reload skin on confirm but nothing as of yet. I know for the code in the config file that the from=......... is the file name but what does the latter part mean? The to=............? Where is this and what does it represent?
    Do you have FM12 on Windows 7 and does it work for you?
    The help is appreciated btw

  6. you've lost me completely haha. if you want to change a kit then make it then name it as the one you want to replace then it'll overwrite? the config should be in the same folder as the kits?

    and yeah i have w7 and yeah works fine dude why mate?

  7. some of the kits I put in dont work but some do, can you help ?

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