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    Here are just some of my fantasy kits. Feel free to ask for some
    Name:  batman.png
Views: 4461
Size:  29.6 KBFANTASY KITS-fleet-air-arm-kit.pngFANTASY KITS-joker.pngName:  michigankita.png
Views: 2318
Size:  40.9 KBName:  michigankith.png
Views: 2282
Size:  47.4 KBFANTASY KITS-red-bull-juniors-3.pngFANTASY KITS-red-bull-juniors-.pngFANTASY KITS-red-bull-juniors.pngFANTASY KITS-river-plate-h.pngName:  river plate.png
Views: 2963
Size:  42.4 KBName:  robin.png
Views: 3351
Size:  43.8 KBName:  wales.png
Views: 2347
Size:  46.5 KB

  2. Team: Grimsby Town
    Manufacturer: Nike
    Sponsor: Youngs
    Home Colours: Black and White Stripes
    Away Colours: Pink your design
    Third Colours: Brown trim
    Badges: Blue square prem

  3. team: west brom
    Manufacturer: adidas

    i will leave the rest to you mate colours etc, see what you can come up with. thanks in advance mate.

  4. FANTASY KITS-grims.pngFANTASY KITS-grimsaway1.pngFANTASY KITS-grimsthird.png hope these are okay. Sorry I don't know how to do config, but if you've got a megapack, just replace

  5. West brom home (not very good) FANTASY KITS-wba.png

    WBA AwayFANTASY KITS-wbaaway.png

  6. Team: Millwall
    Manufacturer: Nike
    Sponsor: Blackberry
    Home Colours: Blue and White Stripes
    Away Colours: Black with a little red stripe like the Grimsby
    Third Colours: Green Any design
    Badges: Npower Championship


  7. Name:  millwall.png
Views: 3277
Size:  40.9 KBName:  milly.png
Views: 2230
Size:  42.2 KBName:  millyaway.png
Views: 2224
Size:  30.0 KBsorry but i forgot about the championship badge. if you want them again, i'll do them for you... sorry

  8. another team i've been working on...

    addicted to using red bull, ymhn.

    Name:  motherwellaway.png
Views: 2280
Size:  37.3 KBName:  motherwellhome.png
Views: 2248
Size:  50.4 KBName:  motherwellthird.png
Views: 3271
Size:  44.2 KB

  9. Thanks do there really nice, yer shame about config

  10. Team: Celtic
    Manufacturer: Nike
    Sponsor: Magners/Bulmers
    Home Colours: Green and White hoops
    Away Colours: something unique but with green as secondary color
    Third Colours: mainly black but interesting
    Badges: SPL champions

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