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Kit changes each season.

  1. Kit changes each season.

    FM Base.
    Does anyone out there know how to change the kits each season for a team.
    As in the graphic picture & the in game colours.

    For Example, i want to do make changes each season with say arsenal.
    2011-2012 as it is but for 2012-2013 & onwards change the graphic to the new home kit & any fantasy kits made.
    Of course the in game colours would still be the same (Red with white sleeves) for the home kit, but the away kit would change from the blue (11-12) to maybe yellow (12-13).

    If anyone knows how to do this it would be much appreciated.

  2. Easy to do for the pictures but not sure how or if you can for the ingame colour

    For the pic you just need to add the year after the line in the config

    So it would look like this

    <record from="603_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/away"/2012>
    <record from="603_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/home"/2012>
    <record from="603_third" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/third"/2012>
    <record from="603_away2013" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/away"/2013>
    <record from="603_home2013" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/home"/2013>
    <record from="603_third2013" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/third"/2013>

    There was a guide to this on Mantralux FM | Football Manager tutorials, guides, graphics and more and they did it with arsenal too, but i think you need to be a premium member now
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  3. Ok thanks dude, ill try n have a play around with the in game colouring.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by HJB765 View Post
    Ok thanks dude, ill try n have a play around with the in game colouring.
    Did you get this to work HJB?

  5. Code is wrong there it should be:

    <record from="603_away" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/away/2012"/>
    <record from="603_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/home/2012"/>
    <record from="603_third" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/third/2012"/>
    <record from="603_away2013" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/away/2013"/>
    <record from="603_home2013" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/home/2013"/>
    <record from="603_third2013" to="graphics/pictures/team/603/kits/third/2013"/>

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PR4WNSTAR View Post
    Did you get this to work HJB?
    I had a try but all it did was fail to display the kits on matchdays & in the information tab.
    & of course the colours stayed the same year after year

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