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The KotW News !

  1. The KotW News !

    Well I thought that it could be a good idea to start a thread like this,here you will see each week's winning kit designs in both our contests,the Championship and the Cup along with some comments and critics about them and the competitions !

    So this year we started with new tricks,new partιcipants-this is good-and two competitions that will run along during the year.The championship,if I am right for 35 weeks,and the Cup every second week for 10 rounds.We have almost all the last years' designers-apart from Hermanchides,i wonder what happened to him-and some new and enthousiastic new ones !

    So until now,Mike proves his last year first place by being ahead in the first Championship challenge using one of the best templates that exist till now,AX13,and Greenz comes up in the Cup challenge !

    More News along with the first winners on Monday,stay tuned !!
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  2. Welcome to the Game of Thrones of fm-base Design threads !!!


    Mighty Mike !

    Mike is here to defend his title !! From the first week his scored an emphatic victory only to prove that he is the first favorite for the Championship this season,being in a designing form if we could say so,he used an almost minimalistic approach on his creations and took advantage of the fine layouts of his template he was almost perfect.

    Of course,ready to deny his reign is last year's second,GGGG75 that was also second in 1st Week's challenge,using a self-made template and a fantasy brand (gamma) with his own designs.Promising entries from our new players that used the traditional and well known SS Templates and iamauser that used the also nice FB Template.In general,the designs were trusted the traditional known patterns from the big brands although there were here and there some exagerating points like too much colors together and wrong badge or sponsor sizes but this is all about,train the eye and get used to the competition requests as long as getting better and better when you are against more experienced players by observing and sometimes copying the key facts that make them better !

    My name is greenz !

    He won the first round of the Cup challenge and earned a ''golden cup'' icon for his signature,by using a well designed template,the FC Template in wich the nice shadows and the traditional option of ''keeping the same patterns and change colors'' worked well for the voters ! Can he also threaten Mike in the Championship race ? only time will show..

    Again GGGG75 was second with a full version (shirt-shorts-socks) of his Template but he must do something about the size of them,they look distand the way they are layed now that 3 designs are requesting.A very nice try by Dakano with a clean and tidy design but no votes-and personally i wonder why..

    Anyways, 2nd Round of the Cup will be here next week so this Week we have to concetrate on the Week 2 of KotW Championship that asks to deal with the great teams,the ones that have at least a star(10 championships) over their badge !!!

    Below,the winning kits :

    KotW Week 1 Mike

    KotW Cup Round 1 greenz

    The Game of Thrones of design has begun ! Are you gonna just watch ?
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  3. Record for Entries in Week 2 !

    Steeve* had the secret recipe !

    Glad to see many participants in Week 2 of KotW !! As for the competition now,Steeve won this time because of his nicely designed kits : adidas branded,yet without the traditional stripes-wich gave it a new approach-the first quite simple with the horizontial lines doing just the job and the away,with the weavy inspiration and the mix of black and sky blue and a nicely buttoned collar was the voters' choice for a win !! Behind him but a bit far in votes,Mike with his-out of deadlines-Liverpool kits who showed a real designers' skill and a different approach on the away kit using black and grey combinations in an ajax alike design !

    Third was GGGG75 removing the socks from his template and presenting a kind of futuristic simplicity with his two color Man Utd kits,just red and black,nice in the eye but not enough to win.

    Jose22 gave the competition a nice new folded kit template but,with a disadvantage : you cannot actually see all the kit design !!!

    Dakano and iamauser gave some solid and promising kits while Amdi Peter and strongo 83 putted a bit of nice crazyness on their kits !!

    Lami23 tried to give an exotic view with Ghana's champions but,the leaf pattern i think made it a bit unrealistic..

    Competition continues and this week we have it double again ! Cup's Round 2 is here for everybody to participate and we hope more entries and more votes !!

    This time we travel in the icy north borders of Europe and we also travel back in time with the World Cup's most succesfull national teams,hoping to see better designs !!!

    ps : for the winners and 2nd placed players,don't forget to add the ribbons and golden cup icons in your signatures !!

    Have fun till our next edition,bellow the winning kits :


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  4. I was so proud of myself for putting that leaf on! Oh how far I still have to go
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  5. Battles till the last minute !


    iamauser beat the odds !

    nother Week ended in the KotW Championship and as the players started to warm up,so did the antagonism !! iamauser took the ''king of the North'' throne beating the favorites with the use of patterns in both his designs in a positive-out of his votes-way !
    Mike was behind him using his well known ''less is more'' style but this time it wasn't enough.Another player,Amdi Peter was happy to see himself in 3rd position,using a kappa style and assymetric coloring that hit the eye although he had to do with black and white only.
    Dakano and a new entry,Gundogan had 1 vote each applying nice designs,oh Gundogan,next time he must arrange the dimentions of his designs better,it is certain that he can take more votes !!!

    GGG75 almost sunk in both competitions and he must think of a sollution if he doesn't wanna be left behind on the boards !

    A thriller,but Mike came on top !

    ow ! Mike 5 ,Dakano 4 ,Steve* 4 , that was a derby till the end !!

    ike added a golden cup icon on his collection after a dramatic finish in a Round that saw Steve* leading the race at the beginning and Dakano with Mike following.Mike's kits were classy but that stroke on the away almost costed him victory.On the other hand,Steve* had a solid design although he also used a strange stroke on his away puma logo that maybe the reason he was beaten.Well,not so much though,as he had a pretty inspiring design.Dakano surprised the voters with his modern simple design that reminds the good old vintage kit designs,he was also the favorite to win at the start.

    fter them,we saw strongo83 with a sky blue SStemplate-not sure if this template can be a lot competitive-taking 1 vote and...the abyss.I mean GGGG75,oh he was like not taking part in the voting,maybe his template is unrealistic,the line combinations wrong ? well,what to say,we just wait and see if there will be a reaction !

    ollowing, the winning kits of this week's votings :



  6. GGGG75 and Amdi Peter: they're here !


    The first tie !!

    lmost equally divided the votes this week,surely benefited by Mike's absence,most of all GGGG75 and Amdi Peter.The first used a new developed template (ariston 11) made by him,introducing once again the creative belief of -do it yourself-templates that add in creativity and freshness in the competition.He walked in safe paths not exagerating in design with his Juventus kits.

    With the same votes,Amdi Peter.He also used realistic combinations of colors and design,trusting the adidas line and FC Template that adds to the kit thanks to the shadows and the tight texture that make it more realistic.Nice combo of colors on the away kit !

    Third place was divided between two strong kit designers,Dakano and Steve*.Dakano had a nice presentation of OM kits but he must be carefull about sponsor sizes and placements on the kit,because the belief is that they are a bit large and a bit low on the kits.Other than this,the waves on the 2nd kit made it a kit to love or to hate.Nice badge and logo sizes and smooth colors although not quite sure about the grey-orange blending on the third.He is a strong player and a future first place will not be impossible !

    Steve* gave the intention of a possible winner this week,according his late placements in prior votings 'cause of Mike's absence.He worked with the famous AX13 template and real madrid,a difficult to be designed team because of the iconic kit that doesn't allows a lot experimentation with.Cleverly placed the purple color on his kits,respecting the badge colors but maybe the 2nd Arsenal alike design with black and white seemed to be a bit out of favor for real.His 3rd kit though is a masterpiece and made me wonder why real m. don't have such a kit for an alternative..

    Greenz made the second surprise in the Templates sector by presenting a self made one,if there were not any shadows and so many wrinkles toned,it could be lighter and more pleasant to the eye but it has totally potential to be improved.He used nicely placed textures and the 2nd kit was a ''hey this can fit Bayern Munich !''kit though a bit futuristic and in the sphere of the 80's styles.The 3rd one,well is this a camouflage layer ? a very controvercial pattern,came out of the closet this year with Napoli's alternative kit and earlier with -i think-Everton's Gk kit..Good for him,creativity only leeds forward !!

    No votes this time for strongo83,well,all his kits are too complicated,watermarks benieth slim lines,words scattered around a big colored sponsor that didn't fit with the club's colors made the kits a bit messy..Adding the fact that he persists the SS Template that doesn't give a sparcle to the design as far as it is obvious.But for all,this is the point to change,and strongo can be competitive for sure !!!

    Anew Week,new challenges,and a 3rd Cup Round are with us with the opening of this week ! New ideas and the competitions are now on fire,everybody are close in the boards and everything can happen !!!

    Don't forget to place your winning icons to your signatures and the most importand : this News edition of KotW are open to comments and discussions for all !!!

    Below,this Week's winning kits :


    Amdi Peter

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  7. Narrow wins !!!!

    Dakano prevaled on a tough battle !

    This week's competitions were very difficult to judge the winners and in fact,all final positions were 1 vot away one from another ! in KotW Week 5 he saw Dakano lastly win with a black-white combo of kits with a huge watermark of the club on center of them.Having his own fantasy brand and his imagination he collected the most votes !

    Behind him a new entry JLBfifa with AX13 template,I think that if the kits were in the right size he could have better luck,nevertheless,nice design,also using a watermark but on the lower edges of his kits !!

    Then,bornexplorer88 created a bit confused design (especially the 2nd kit) but it was enough to make him achieve 3rd place.

    After him,GGGG75 that presented a shiny pair of kits with simple if not vintage design.

    Surprisingly (for me) last was strongo83 with a well balanced design and color combo that unfortunatelly didn't touched the voters,better luck next time !!!

    The throne was shared !

    Lami23 and GGGG75 shared the win in this Cup round with a lot of competitive kits ! Lami gave everything to surprise voters using horns,thunders and a balanced color choice while GGGG75 presented us for the first time ''plastic'' kits,with simple designs !

    One vote away we saw Dakano and strongo83 with their creations to seem equally good but hey,that's why voting exists ! One interesting thing : Dakano used black and white kits in both Challenges this week

    Last was bornexplorer88 and this may be fair'cause he overdid it with textures and layers,these kits could be very nice as supporters' kits but not for use on the field...

    Of course,the subject was a bit different this time but this is the difficulty.To be able to evolve and adjust your designing skills !!

    There has been sent an open invitation to our Argentinian kit designers from KitDesign site that also love kit designing as we are to take part to future Competitions of KotW.From this site came the famous A-equix whose creation is the famous AX13 template.Let's hope that the KotW will be inter-continental

    Now,waiting for the boards to be updated and the new KotW challenge for this Week,I pray for someone to help me because i am running everything for two weeks lol

    Below, the winning kits :




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  8. Total Victory !


    Gundogan : One man show !

    s KotW goes on,we witnessed yesterday the most easy win till now,this of Gundogan's designs ! He used the famous AX13 template to create a-between plain and too simplistic-pair of kits blending pink color and deep granate one with a smart and sufficient style accompanied with a slight visible watermark to give the winning result !

    Second,was Dakano with his own brand again and a good manipulation of the club's badge lines on his away kit,decent color combinations and simple design.

    Just a vote away,were four entries that seemed to be equally good,bornexplorer88 gave us a new template for the competition and JLBfifa again,failed to have his kits on a 300X300 dimensions !

    Without a vote remained GGGG75's design with another new template of his,he must settle down to one maybe...

    Below, the winning kits :


    ps: can someone of the other mates that said could co-run this,please help with boards and on-time new challenges ??????

  9. hmmmm.....Where are the players ???

    GGGG75 take the lead !

    We passed Week 7 and GGGG75 after his poor performance last week came back and won this challenge with his ''spooky'' human template,taking also the lead on the KotW boards ! the use of clean and clear yet modern lines on his kits were enough to prevale on a poor participants' challenge..Only four players this week took part on both challenges wich is bad news for the site...

    Dakano,established himself on both competitions and with his very nice wrinkled tones on his kits was 2nd,using his own brand,nicely done collars-especially the 2nd kit- and designs !!

    Strongo83 and Amdi Peter presented very nice kits,bright and colorfull but the sponsors' sizes were a critical factor on not winning some more votes,this must be of big importance as squared shaped sponsors dont contribute on a kit's surface as single names or logos do..

    It's a tie !!!

    Dakano and GGGG75 were once more the top players this week on the cup 4th round ending this ''derby'' on equall votes !

    The oriental and colorshade combined designs of GGGG75 and the beautifull colored and smartly placed patterns of Dakano's kits were decided to be equally nice this time by voters !!

    strongo's designs were not bad at all but he misdudged the sponsor size once again,where the glaze on the logo of it was out of place...

    well Amdi Peter,oh you forgot the 3rd kit mate !!! and the size of his kits was a bit smaller and lost points through presentation although his kits were nice,simple and he won the color combination battle using difficult colors indeed,but,we are sure everybody will be better next time !!!

    Below,the winning kits :




  10. return with a win !

    iamauser returns !

    After being absent for some weeks iamauser returned in a winning way capturing the victory,only a vote more then the 2nd entry but a win is a win.Using adidas design and some watermarks on the home kit,a bit unusual for a striped kit,but effective as it is proven and changing Newcastle's sponsor in the radical Vice one,playing nicely with orange and diagonial stripes on the 2nd one,managed to win.
    Behind him,Dakano who's a sure title candidate out of his recent positionings and his kits,well,they were equally good with the winner's minus a vote He used a cleaner approach with touches of modernity although his lines could go along better with the body shape of the kits.
    After those two,GGGG75,Amdi Peter and JLBfifa gained only one vote,a sign that they must work harder to keep up with the race.Anote for JLBfifa : nice to see him working on a hard template,a 3d one,he must get use of the warp tool because the sponsors and logos look too plain for the kit dimensions,but good try !!

    Below, the wining kits :


    Hoping for more players and more good designs,let's go to the week 9 and cup round 5 !!!

  11. Dakano with a double !


    Dakano took the lead !!

    After Week 9,Dakano won and proves himself as a strong favorite for the title as we are 1/3 from the Championship's season,as he saw GGGG75 sink without any votes but Amdi Peter looks determined to chase him till the end.

    Dakano presented simple designs with solid colors that helped him win.Amdi Peter also used nice color combinations trusting the Italian brand's Kappa designs while iamauser and JLBfifa followed different roads.The simple one by iamauser and the eccentric if we can say so by JLBfifa (bold color mixings on 2nd and 3rd kits) but the result placed them on the same position..

    GGGG75 presented another new template,flat this time but the voters didn't seemed to liked it nor his designs.One week up,one week down for the 2nd candidate for the title...

    Is KotW Cup doomed ?

    Only two entries this week for the Cup Competition it is a sad result for the game in general...Dakano won again against his-till now-strongest opponent,GGGG75.

    Dakano used similar colors with his opponent but seemed to be better although they were simplistic as in patterns or design and with a bit big numbers in front.GGGG75 used a different 1st kit color for his team but the outcome was not good.

    Anyways,2 entries was a sad result when in the beggining we had 5-8 usually.

    Therefore if in the next Cup Round the entries are less than 3,the Competition will be postponed.

    Below,the winning kits :



  12. And the name is JLBfifa !


    KotW goes down ?...

    Just passed Week 10 and only 3 players presented their designs.When I started entering here,we had a lot and interesting designs from good designers from which I learned a lot...Now,the entries are fewer and fewer every week...let's hope that this is only temporary...

    Now for the competition : JLBfifa took the victory this week with his Wolves' kits using nike designs,watermark of the wolf badge and this warm orange color that is always nice to the eye.The other two participants,being in top positions on League boards failed to overcome him.GGGG75 with another crazy template,presenting Messi this time-com'on this is a kit competition,not a template one-wearing Derby's designs and Dakano in his sucessfull formula with clean designs without much experimentation,both came in 2nd place.

    It could be wise though to mention here that letting our fantasy work a bit further than the allready known borders that famous kit making brands have set,could lead to more authentic results in the competition..

    Below the winning kits :


  13. Is it a battle for two ?


    GGGG75 and his templates !

    Once more,one of the two first players in both competitions won the KotW week 11.We talk for GGGG75 that took revenge for his latest failures and prevaled by one vote Dakano,who is the current leader in both championship and cup tables.To achieve this,changed template-once more- to the AX13 one,the famous template.He used new logo and design for his personal brand,gamma,and simple coloring and outlook.

    Dakano was close,also tidy design for his EJP brand with a fantastic diamond shaped pattern horizontal line that reflected well in both home and away kits.

    strongo was third with unusuall adidas designs but yet effective-though the team logo could be a bit bigger-and thus won over Andi Peter that used good designs but sponsor's logo,hmmm abit out of place.

    Dakano and his Cup !

    He won by using one of his personal designs,good logo dimensions and playing with color shades like grey and deep grey to be combined with white and yellow.

    Second was Amdi Peter that also created a kappa design inspiration and played with older versions of Dortmund's kits,although a green color on a BVB's kit is not so common.

    Third was bartolomeofc,a new entry that used one design in three forms,blending and changing colors,the old way kits were created.Too bad,his kits could have been a bit bigger,not of course that matters a lot.

    No votes for GGGG75,a disaster for him as he did a poor presentation of his ''Messi'' kits,with stmps of the template's outline everywhere.He used the same designs that gave him victory to in KotW but not this time...

    Below the winning kits :



  14. strongo83,the winner !!


  15. the show must go on...

    Cup rules notification : After the 10th Round of the KotW Cup Competition,the first 8 players will be separate in two groups of 4.Positions 1-4 will be group A and 5-8 Group B.They will be given a challenge-different for each group-and the first 2 of every group will qualify to the semi-finals.In the semi-finals there will be one common challenge for the new group.The first 2 will qualify to the Final !

    ​Below,the winning kits of the past Week's challenges :



    Amdi Peter

  16. Three winners for the first time !!!

    the winning kits :



    Amdi Peter

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