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KotW Week 31: NHL Franchise Re-imagined

  1. KotW Week 31: NHL Franchise Re-imagined

    KotW Week 31: NHL Franchise Re-imagined

    Create a home and away kit(third is optional) for any team from the NHL.

    These rules must be followed at all times. Anybody failing to adhere to these simple rules will have their kits disqualified. If breaking of rules persist, "bans" will be imposed (starting at one week, then two weeks etc).
    Kits must have a maximum dimension of 300 pixels (eg. 250x300 px is fine. 300x450 px kits will be removed). Please re-size your kits before entering. For shorts/socks combo max dimensions is 350x400. No larger or your entries will be removed.
    Team's home kit, unless otherwise stated, must be the primary and traditional colour of said team's home kit in real life (eg. Manchester United's home must be red). Away and third kits can be any colour.
    The away kit's main colour must be noticeably different from the home. If the home kit is blue, and approximately 50% of the away is blue (eg. blue and black stripes), this doesn't count as different.
    Once your kits are posted, they may not be changed unless permission is given. Any changed without permission will result in disqualification.
    If anybody feels a kit doesn't fit the rules, please say so in the thread or via visitor/private message and we will deal with it.
    No bickering in the thread. Anybody who causes or continues an argument will be disqualified.
    DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN KIT. It has not been something that has happened for a while, but everybody is keeping an eye out.
    These rules are subject to change at any given time without prior warning.
    Please report any grievances with Steve*, Amdi Peter, GGGG75 or Dakano.
    Deadline for the week's entries is Friday at 18:00 GMT. May 27th. Any entries posted later than this will not be considered.

  2. Name:  Tampa-Bay H.png
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Size:  119.7 KBName:  Tampa-Bay A.png
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  3. RichTUK is the winner by default. Congratulations!

  4. Washington Capitals Home and Away
    KotW Week 31: NHL Franchise Re-imagined-38097656a.pngKotW Week 31: NHL Franchise Re-imagined-38097656h.png
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  5. BUMP

  6. Nobody want to handle this anymore?

  7. Malarkey's Avatar Malarkey
    • Malarkey's Avatar
      what a waste of time, why are you doing this?
      lol, you have no life...
    First Team
    I remember these, good times

  8. I did the NHL / MLB / NBA & NFL for my custom database...

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Zinedine Zaiddin View Post
    Nobody want to handle this anymore?
    Unfortunately, Kit of the Week is dead. A few years ago, when the competition was new and popular, we'd have 20+ entrants every single week, now we're lucky to get more than 5.

    If anybody wants to carry it on, then feel free

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