Good Lower League Assistant Managers

  1. Good Lower League Assistant Managers

    It would really help if evry1 cud tell me any real jems of assistants cos i have real trouble finding any good ones??
    thanks for ur time

  2. How low are you? Anywhere from League 2 and above i'd definitely recommend John Morling

  3. Billy Dodds will sign for anyone as he is unproven, has decent stats too. Sometimes his calls before the game's are a touch vage and wrong but generally he offers good players and touches up on things that need changing though your season.

    7/10 overall.

  4. I have signed John Finnigan on the 2nd season of my Lincoln game (still in BSP) and he is decent and also is a Lincoln City legend so win-win.

  5. BSN international assistants

    Hey, i have only had this game for a few days, pretty frustrating!BUT, mt back room staff are amazing, well there names are. I have Rob Lee as assistant manager, I have stevie Macmanaman as my attacking coach and Sol Campbell as my defensive coach!!! What a team, i have hadto pay £1,200 for both macca and sol to go on their europa B training course. But hey. More international experience.All this and i am FC Halifax, the results arnt going too well at the moment. But when im feeling down i have meeting with Rob Lee, macca and Big Sol!!haha

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