Goal scoring machine urgently needed for Havant & Waterlooville - BSS

  1. Goal scoring machine urgently needed for Havant & Waterlooville - BSS

    Hi guys,

    I have recently started a save unemployed with experience set as Sunday League. I applied for every job going to see who will give me my shot at management. My chance came when Havant & Waterlooville came knocking at my door. So far all is going well, I am at the end of January in my first season, top of the league by 2 points with a very strong Salisbury team chasing me. I also made it to the third round of the FA Cup, where I held Everton away to a 1-1 draw for them to beat me at home 2-1. Still excellent effort from my boys.

    My problem I face is that I don't have a real goal scorer :-(. My top scorer is my left winger Tony Taggart who has hit the back of the net an incredible 14 times. I am in real need for a quality striker, I signed Carl Court thinking he would be my man especially being a former 7 million pound player but he has been very disappointing in front of goal, only scoring 4 goals.

    Please can anyone advice me on a decent forward I can pick up on a free or on loan????? I can't face losing top spot and having to go through the playoffs, probably getting knocked out and having to start another year in the 6th tier :-(

    ADVICE ADVICE ADVICE is urgently needed my friends?????

  2. 2 words: Jamil Adam

    Irish international, lightning quick with a tidy finish. Snapped him up a couple of times in the lower leagues and he's scored virtually a goal a game for me.

    Tom Brighton's been a 25-30 goal a season player for me as well, but I've found he ends up warming the bench by the time you break out of the non leagues

  3. Thanks, much appreciated I will check both out tonight :-)

  4. Not sure what your money situation is like but you could make an offer for Don Cowan of Stevenage... I signed him for 20k although I am AFC Wimbledon in League 2... Worth a shot though if you have the money, he's a great striker for the lower leagues!

    Also try making a loan offer for Martyn Waghorn of Leicester. He is usually on the loan list and very clinical in front of goal...

    Vincent Pericard is a free agent at the start of the game, and he was decent in League 2 so I'm sure he'd be amazing in BSP S!

    Emile Mpenza is a free agent at the end of the first season, the ex-City striker... Very good signing!

    I know im in a slightly different position in League 2 but they're all worth looking into!

  5. Thanks, I don't have any transfer funds and I only have £300 remaining in my wage budget of 5k, so I will def look at Waghorn :-)

  6. I'm with Crewe in league 2 and Jamil Adam wasn't interested in joining me. I got Febian Brandy on a free from Man Utd but i doubt he would drop to non-league. Your wage budget is a problem but maybe you can get the board to grant more funds.....Good luck !! Let me know how you get on...

  7. Vincent Pericard usually asks for around £300pw. Though if you're already part way through the season he'll probably have seen signed by someone. I've got him with Bath.

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