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The Best Lower-League Players

  1. The Best Lower-League Players

    hi anyone who has found really good lower league players who they signed or just have on their team please post them here. Im playing with luton town and Febain Brandy is my super signing he was released by man united in the summer so available on a free ttransfer. I was very lucky to sign because he has offers from many league 1 teams, ive played the half season and hes scored 23 league goals and top goalscorer of the Conference prem so far.
    Once again please post favourite lower league players

  2. Ever since 09 I've signed the brazilian striker Anderson who is about 26 or 27. He is usually fairly cheap, and always dominates lower leagues, plus he is very tough, rarely gets hurt.

  3. Blyth Spartans We are Northumbria
    Jonathan Pringle , ex liverpool striker is good

    Also Paul Brayson is good for BSN/BSS

  4. Gauthier Mahoto - free agent
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  5. DanWalsallFC
    Walsall First Team
    Stern John - Free agent!
    King Gyan - Free Agent!

  6. yer i got king gyan hes very good

  7. #7
    Joe Keenan - 5k
    Matt Watson - 2k
    Eddie Johnson - get for 12k
    Izzy Iriekpen - free

    Those are the ones ive found.
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  8. Ben Hoskin - Free Agent - Defender Right

    Signed him on my Wrexham game, top Quality!!

  9. Blyth Spartans We are Northumbria
    GK - James Gilpin, Very good young player, Ex Celtic. Good catching and reactions.
    RB - Ben Hoskin, Excellent player
    LB - Darran Lough, Ex Newcastle good young full back who can score.
    CB - James Taylor, Young Solid player
    CB - Nathan Hayward, Ex Redditch, can also cover in midfield
    RM - Luke Cummings, fast powerfull winger
    LM - Ismal Fofana, Great player. League 1 level.
    CM - Michael Uwezu, good attacking minded player
    CM - Mathew Wells, decent hard working CM, Ex Spurs
    ST - Tim Hopkinson, brilliant Forward get's lots of goals.

    All of these players are free
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  10. thanks rollsie will check them out

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