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League of Ireland: One to try
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    League of Ireland: One to try

    After look throughout the internet it is quite hard to find anything to do with the League of Ireland in regards to FM 2011, others my know the league as the Airtricity League or its previous name the Eircom League. The League is quite an exciting one with challenges of taking over a small club such as UCD, a college in Dublin who's team plays in the Irish top flight, my aim is to bring this semi pro team to European football which could take as little as one season but that may not be so realistic. The League start normally in February but you can always start mid way through the season is you prefer starting in the usual July 2010.

    Pro teams such as Bohemians and Sligo Rovers can attract players of high quality yet being semi pro is not too much of a down fall as a good season with maybe some European football to add revenue can usually see a team turn pro, for example in my current save two teams turned pro after the first season and im sure more will follow. The top league consists of ten teams who play each other four times, it is a tight league and can be action packed with this even element. The top team in the Premier Division qualifies for the UEFA Champions League second qualifying round for champions. The second-placed team qualifies for the UEFA Europa League second qualifying round. The third placed-team qualifies for the first qualifying round. They, similarly, must go through two and three two-legged knockout ties respectively in order to enter the second round group phase of that competition. There is another UEFA Europa League first qualifying round slot reserved for the winners of the FAI Cup. If it were to happen that a cup winner has already qualified for the UEFA Europa League via the league, the cup-win qualification will take prominence and the league-place qualification will be transferred to the next team who finished below them in the league. However, if the case is that the cup-winner has already won the league, that team will take a place in the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds, by way of its league win, and the losing team in the FAI Cup final will take the UEFA Europa League spot on offer from that competition.

    I would recommend everyone to try this league as it can be great fun, as an Irishman it is great when you see you side battle Europe or turn pro along with making a transfers that see some names you never thought you'd see in the league. Most of all i think is great when you see the whole league grow as a seasons go by as you help turn the humble Irish league into an emerging league in European and maybe one day a major force.

    Hope this has inspired a few to give it a go......

    Leave your success, recommend players, Tactics staff etc, basically everything and anything to do with your League of Ireland FM experience
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    Below are a few free names i'd advise people to buy, also is anybody been interested in starting a save or have played the league before??

    League of Ireland: One to try-john-paul-kelly-profile_-attributes-.pngLeague of Ireland: One to try-joseph-lapira-profile_-attributes-.pngLeague of Ireland: One to try-levi-risamasu-profile_-attributes-.pngLeague of Ireland: One to try-jamil-adam-profile_-attributes-2.pngLeague of Ireland: One to try-izzy-iriekpen-profile_-attributes-.png

  3. West Brom,Man United,Celtic,Cavani,Rodallega and Chucho Star Player
    You can keep your fancy Airtricity League.Come on the first division.Limerick F.C all the way.Ive tried in Ireland but never managed past a month.Lack of money doesnt please me.In my current save on LFC's update Im PSG and Im very happy because I have a very big cheque book.When a wealthy oil shiek or member of the royal families of one of those Arab countries takes over an Irish club then I may conisder going back.I never really liked LLM.Lowest Ive gone is taking Burnley to the Premier league and then finished 6th and then stopped playing it.

    Lack of money and me not being able to get a tactic that will work in lower leagues.

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    i did says its a challenge but it is far more rewarding, u could set up a friendly league against english prem sides with can generate around 500k a year for the club, i have heard plenty of success stories from other forum sites ( for example

    Think I've reached the end at Sligo Rovers now. It's January 2018 and last season was the first time I really dominated the league, winning it by 25 points. Nothing will change next year. My wage budget has been doubled to €95k and my transfer budget is €9.8m but I don't even have to sign anyone since my average age is only 23. I've upgraded my youth/training facilities about 3 times each now but I'm still getting nothing from my youth academy.

    Might as well list my accomplishments. It was another great game that I'll remember right up there with the mighty Sangiovannese and Potenza .

    Airtricity League Premier:
    2011: Winner
    2012: Winner
    2013: Winner
    2014: 3rd
    2015: Winner
    2016: Winner
    2017: Winner

    FAI Cup:
    Won in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017.
    Runner up in 2016.

    Setanta Cup:
    Winner in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

    EA Sports Cup:
    Winner in 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017.

    Champions League:
    2012: Lost in 2nd Q Round.
    2013: Lost in 2nd Q Round.
    2014: Group Stages.
    2016: Group Stages.
    2017: Group Stages.

    Europa League:
    2011: Lost in 3rd Q Round.
    2015: Lost in 3rd Q Round.

    Club balance at the start was €50k in the red. Currently sits at €16.2m in the black now.

    Gavin Peers, Danny Ventre, Eoin Doyle and John Russel were the only players to survive my reign of glory. Well done lads .

    Now...Resign and wait for another job or retire? Hmmm.


    At one stage the league was ranked as the 11th best competition in europe, level with the French and German leagues. The prize money for winning the league also gets higher after a while. I had Sligo as the 19th best club in Europe too.

    As soon as i qualified for Champions League and the money came in, the club quickly turned very big. My biggest transfer budget was 16million and wage budget was 400,000k.

    My mission was to try win the Champions League with Sligo, but the best I managed was quarters, unfortunately. Left for Inter, and Casiraghi manages Sligo now

  5. I've mostly played as the Sligo Rovers during my time w/ FM2011. I've just started with Waterford Utd of the First Division, hoping to see them promoted.

    If you start the game in Jan 2010, make sure you pick up Declan O'Brien! He's a 30 y/o striker available on a free. He's way too good.

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    doing a blog on my time at Shamrock Rovers, be sure to follow if interested
    FM-Base - Football Manager 2011 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats - Shamrock Rovers: Changing a Nation - Blogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jotro View Post
    I've mostly played as the Sligo Rovers during my time w/ FM2011. I've just started with Waterford Utd of the First Division, hoping to see them promoted.

    If you start the game in Jan 2010, make sure you pick up Declan O'Brien! He's a 30 y/o striker available on a free. He's way too good.
    had him with UCD and AFC Wimbledon, he is a great player

  7. Quote Originally Posted by casey32 View Post
    Irish league
    League of Ireland, not Irish League. Shels man myself.

  8. where did you get the club logos? player pics? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinglasRed View Post
    League of Ireland, not Irish League. Shels man myself.
    I clearly know that as shown in the title and references to the name League of Ireland, i was stating that you can change the reputation of the league which is a league in Ireland making it an Irish league, just as the La Liga is a Spanish league, Bundesliga is a German league and so on. It is like saying Shamrock Rovers is not an Irish club but a League of Ireland club when both saying they are an Irish club and a League of Ireland club descriptions are correct in their own right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_OC View Post
    where did you get the club logos? player pics? thanks
    from the mega logo and mega facepacks available on the site

  10. The situation in Ireland is different as the 'Irish League' refers to the loyalist league up north.

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