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Free Agents
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  1. Blyth Spartans We are Northumbria

    Free Agents

    Anyone found some decent free's that join BSP/BSN/BSS sides ?
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  2. febian brandy

  3. Quote Originally Posted by fifa10 View Post
    febian brandy
    Hasn't he been nerfed?(Only 15 pace) I still couldn't buy the full game, so I've seen it only in the demo.

  4. Blyth Spartans We are Northumbria
    Brandy doesn't come to BSN/S sides, here's a few I've found.

    James Gilpin (GK)
    Kim Won Sik (CB)
    Gary Wales (ST)
    Gareth Williams (CM)
    Greg Hartley (GK)
    Ryan Connor (LB)

  5. Gilpin has been much too inconsistent in my save. One game he is bloody amazing, the next 10 he leaks like a sieve. Hartley was a much better buy, much more consistent so I have Gilpin as #2 in one of my saves with Hartley being the main Keeper. Gilpin may yet become a badass, but he'll need more experience and perhaps some mentoring. I may need to pick up a retiring keeper for that role.

  6. James Cronesberry Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder, either flank, good with both feet.

  7. Pablo Counago
    32 years old
    Sacks his agent after a few weeks. got him for Truro. £700 a week 3 year contract scores more goals than games played and wins all end of season awards. also Omar Koroma - ghanian striker can play on the wing - incredible player.

  8. Oliver Nicholas - CB - 19 years
    Been toned down a bit from 11, where he could develop into a top class Championship level player. Still great at BSS/N level and can probably grow to League 1 level.

    Jack Lampe - CB - 19 years
    Another great CB, stats dont look amazing but he performs wonders for my Truro team.

    Stephen Stirling - CM - 21
    This guy is a midfeild GOD! GET HIM!!! Great passing and technique, rips BSS/N defences to peices. A must buy! Good potential too.
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  9. Gary Wales and Pablo Counago is a good strike force I imagine and that's all these leagues need.

  10. If you can find Simon Cox, very good CB, been consistent with me and scores loads of headers on corners, just make him lurk around back post.

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