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best non-league players
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  1. best non-league players

    Just Starting a post to give out the best players of the lower leagues, feel free to add who you have found.

    Jamil Adam- Free Transfer ST
    Pablo Counago- Free Transfer ST
    Fran├žois Company- Free Transfer AML
    Trent McClenahan- Free Transfer DR
    Stephen Stirling- Free Transfer MC
    Oliver Nicholas- Free Transfer CB
    Jack Lampe- Free Transfer CB
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  2. Oliver Nicholas - CB
    Jack Lampe - CB
    Defense SORTED!

  3. Dimitrijus Guscinas- Free Transfer ST (Absolute Class for me!)

  4. Mark Leech 1st season = GOALS

  5. i have bought bessone cb very experienced and scores goals free transfer
    tresor kandol played 2 for me scored 6 free transfer
    kompany lm hes very good free transfer

  6. GK

    I sign Dean Bouzanis on a free transfer, recently released from liverpool and he is a quality keeper

  7. Micheal Wood - Depending on who you are managing... Never managed to sign him for any team lower than npower 2. But he's quality and with playing time turns into a real gem

  8. Another vote for Counago and Bouzanis here, Dean Bouzanis is immense at low level and Counago scored 40 goals in all competitions in my first season in Blue Square Premier!!! Samba Kanoute is also a very good CB

  9. curtis obeng (rb) simply quality
    danny lafferty (lb) a great attacking full back
    liam head (st) a great goalscorer
    jamie vardy (winger) Unbelivable player after 2 seasons
    rueben reid (st) a great strong striker who scores plenty of goals

  10. Mohamed Zahoud - Striker, unbelievable, scored 45 in 46 games for me in the blue square north, still gets a game sometimes noe im in the championship , i think you have to have all the italian leagues loaded up for him to appear in the database though
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