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Wonderkids - Where are they now?

  1. Wonderkids - Where are they now?

    I thought it might be interesting to start a sort of 'Where are they now?' thread for wonderkids from older versions of FM/CM. I have only been playing since CM05 but I still have a few:

    Anthony Vanden Borre:
    Was an excellent right-back playing for Anderlecht on the first CM games I played and also on FM07, tailed off a little after that. IRL he left Belgium for spells in Italy and England, and now plays in Ukraine for Tariya Simferopol, as well as making 23 appearances for his national side.

    Slobodan Rajkovic: Serbian defender from my early days of playing Championship Manager. Moved to Chelsea IRL so there were suggestions he might fulfill his in-game potential. He never made an appearance there however he has amassed 13 caps for Serbia and currently plays in Germany for Hamburg.

    Besian Idrizaj:
    A talented left winger in CMs from the mid-noughties. However his playing career was cut short when he died of a heart attack at the age of 22 as a Swansea City player.

    Nicolás Millán:
    A prodigious talent both in FM and real life. He was an FM07 legend, and made his real-life debut for Colo Colo at just 14 and starring for the Chile U-17s. However, he never represented his country at a higher level or played for Colo Colo again, and is now on loan at Unión Temico.

    Giorginio Wijnaldum:
    An FM wonderkid for years, is the only player on the list currently fulfilling his high potential. After successful spells with Feyenoord and PSV, the highly-rated playmaker now plays for AZ, and scored on his debut for the Netherlands in 2011, still aged just 20.

    I have plenty more wonderkids to add in time. Feel free to share your wonderkids/memorable players!

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    Vanden Borre was at my club Portsmouth and he want a bad little player mainly played full back but attacked and sometimes played winger he looked good to me

  3. What about MAXIM TSIGALKO??? hehe
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  4. Vanden Borre + Kompany were awesome together back in the day.

    I still remember buying a young Tevez years ago, one that really became a beast in real life!

    Decent write up about Vanden Borre here

    The Curious Career of Anthony Vanden Borre « Six Pointer
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  5. tubby's Avatar tubby
    Newcastle United, Rosenborg BK Star Player
    Someone hunt down the 01/02 heroes: Tsigalko, Nikiforenko, Mark Kerr, Mike Duff etc
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  6. Nil Lamptey, the guy scored for fun.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tubby View Post
    Someone hunt down the 01/02 heroes: Tsigalko, Nikiforenko, Mark Kerr, Mike Duff etc
    Kerr is at Dundee, Duff at Burnley, the other two are retired

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mld81 View Post
    Nil Lamptey, the guy scored for fun.
    Before my FM days I think

  9. Quote Originally Posted by julianchelmsford View Post
    Before my FM days I think
    Champ Man 93/94, deadly strikeforce when played with Don Hutchinson. Andri Sigþórsson, another goal machine. A more unknown one was Chucks Nwoko, so much better than his Maltese teammate Michael Mifsud. There was a Liberian striker around the same version as Sigþórsson (not George Weah) who was just as lethal as him but I cannot remember the guys name. There are loads of them over the years I can remember and could be here all day naming the well known and less well known names lol

  10. Cant leave out Tonton Zola Moukoko CM/FM legend - flopped at Derby IRL and faded away, last reports playing in lower leagues in Sweden or Finland also Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu & Kennedy Bakircioglu.
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