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The Boxing thread

  1. The other option is a huge fix and another payday for both

  2. Money used to hit heavy mainly because the is one of the best counter punchers we have ever seen, snap has gone for me yes he dealt with Paquiao but that was what 2 years ago? Manny is looking awful in his last two fights. Mayweather will do what he does best, dance around, jab, tie him up make McGregor look bad using his boxing brain, feinting and counter punching. Conor's only chance is to turn this into a war, he has defo got a chin and will have to take a few to give a few. Possible late knock out for me by Floyd but probably points win by a wide margin. But would absolutely love Conor to win!
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  3. I don't know why are people expecting a one-sided fight. Floyd is 40 years old and already retired from competitive sport 2 years ago.

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