Barca youngsters facepack

  1. Barca youngsters facepack

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can do me a Barca youngsters facepack.

    I've got most of the players but I'm struggling to find the following:

    Jean Marie Dongou (ID: 67142680)
    Edgar Ie (55060508)
    Adama Traore (67174729)
    Macky Bagnack (67156531)
    Luis Alberto (67131771
    Rodri (67131769)
    Carles Planas (67038646)
    Sergi Juste (67107212)

    Any style is great. Let me know if you want me to find pics. Cheers.

  2. if you can get the pics i'll do it for you

  3. Jean Marie Dongou (ID: 67142680) Barca youngsters facepack-o_f_c_barcelona_jean_marie_dongou-4719274.jpg

    Edgar Ie (55060508)
    Barca youngsters facepack-11gk10k.jpg

    Adama Traore (67174729)
    Barca youngsters facepack-o_f_c_barcelona_adama_traore_diarra-4367643.jpg

    Macky Bagnack (67156531)
    Barca youngsters facepack-22791g.jpg

    Luis Alberto (67131771)
    Barca youngsters facepack-220px-luis_alberto_-crop-.jpg

    Rodri (67131769)
    Barca youngsters facepack-rodri-4x3138-323643_478x359.jpg

    Carles Planas (67038646)
    Barca youngsters facepack-carles-planas-joan-monfort-sport.jpg

    Sergi Juste (67107212)
    Barca youngsters facepack-sergio-juste-rf_521957.jpg

    There you go mate. Thanks very much

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