Polish Cut-Out facepacks by Joopiter

  1. Polish Cut-Out facepacks by Joopiter

    Hi guys! I'm Joopiter andIi'm known mostly for making cut-out facepacks for polish teams. I made a lot of facepacks for former FM versions and now I'm doing it also for FM 2013. My purpuse is to make packs for all Ekstraklasa (1st division) and I liga (2nd division) clubs and maybe when I finish and you give me requests, I will do faces for other leagues. In this thread i will give you links to download my work. In most cases I use photos from official sites of clubs but if there is no good quality pictures on some site I use a picture finding at the net. PS. Sorry for all language mistakes, I'm Polish guy and English isn't my native lang Till now i made these facepacks: Wisła Kraków: Download Górnik Zabrze: Download Legia Warszawa: Download Widzew Łódź: Download Polonia Warszawa: Download Lechia Gdańsk: Download Ruch Chorzów: Download GKS Katowice: Download

  2. There is some problem with text formating and post editing. There are links (added mirrors on egofiles.com) once again:

    Wisła Kraków:

    Download or Download

    Górnik Zabrze:

    Download or Download

    Legia Warszawa:

    Download or Download

    Widzew Łódź:

    Download or Download

    Polonia Warszawa:

    Download or Download

    Lechia Gdańsk:

    Download or Download

    Ruch Chorzów:

    Download or Download

    GKS Katowice:

    Download or Download

  3. Lech Poznań:

    http://egofiles.com/jk7nLLF1dhfZjYMA/Lech Poznań.rar

    Next: Śląsk Wrocław

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