Australia (A-League) Facepack Set

  1. Australia (A-League) Facepack Set

    Australia Facepack Set:
    I will be working on a facepack set for all the A-League clubs and the Australian National Team. The first club will be Sydney FC and the rest will be in alphabetical order, followed by the national team. The templete will be a stylised nation flag as the background, player face (from shoulders up) and the name on the right vertically down. The first case is lower case and surname in UPPERCASE. All player (youth and senior) and all staff are included from each squad. The players are wearing the shirt from their CURRENT team.

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    The Australian National team and Australian free agents (who are good enough to be signed) will also be included. They will have the Australian National Team jersey on, while the background is the stylised Australian flag (see above).

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    DOWNLOADS: SYDNEY FC (including free agents):
    Adelaide United: (coming soon)
    Brisbane Roar:
    (coming soon)
    Central Coast Mariners:
    (coming soon)
    Melbourne Heart:
    (coming soon)
    Melbourne Victory:
    (coming soon)
    Newcastle Jets:
    (coming soon)
    Perth Glory:
    (coming soon)
    Wellington Phenix:
    (coming soon)
    Western Sydney Wanderers:
    (coming soon)

    Australian National Team: (coming soon)

    MEGAPACK: (By 10.1.13)

    MAC: Extract and place in '<your username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/graphics/faces'

    Extract and place in 'Users/<your username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/graphics/face'

    YOU MAY NEED TO CREATE THE 'graphics' AND 'faces' FOLDERS.

    Any questions, comments please post in comments:

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  2. nice, but i think i'd be 100000% better if it was just the faces, but my opinion. Unfortunately there are no cut-out a-league face packs for fm 2013

  3. how can i do ((

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