Trouble with megapack.

  1. Trouble with megapack.

    I have downloaded 10 of the 17 parts of the mega pack and put them in the correct place (mydocuments/Fm13/graphics/facepacks), but the game inst picking them up I searched for the player id numbers to check i have the face for that player and i do.

    I did the same thing with the fm12 mega pack and that worked fine ( i know the fm 12 mega pack works with 13, but i am using a different laptop )

    Is there something i have done wrong or any way to fix the problem?

  2. Trouble with megapack.-1.pngTrouble with megapack.-2.png

  3. Done that, no change.


  4. Trouble with megapack.-cfg-stuff.png

    I think yours config file is missing. Download all 17 parts.

  5. that's it, downloads in progress.

  6. Can any of you guys share the config with me, for some reason, when I moved all my files off old computer the config has gone, and donwloading the entire thing again is a nightmare. TIA

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