Added a player face to FM16 but can't see it?

  1. Added a player face to FM16 but can't see it?

    Hi guys

    I added Fabio Coentrao's face to FM16 as I didn't seem to have it. I found a Real Madrid facepack from FM14 and downloaded that and took just Coentrao's face out of it. I made FM show unique ID's, renamed the file to that and dragged it to my megapack where all my other (working) faces are. However Coentrao still doens't have a face. Could someone tell me where I've gone wrong?

  2. did you add him to the config file?

  3. As I'm unsure what you mean by that I would think probably not. Would you mind telling me how to do that?

  4. - the config file that is in with the pics,
    - open it you will see the sort of line you have to add..
    - copy and replace the numbers in the "xxxx" with the file no, you just added.
    - save as config.xml, overtype the one there.

    then clear cache and reload.

  5. Thanks for the response. I followed the steps above and now although Coentrao does have a face, it's not his one!

    I have no idea why it would use someone else's face, I added to="graphics/pictures/person/8877532/portrait"/> <record from="8877532"

    being Coentraos ID and the exact number I saved his picture as...

  6. do a seach on the config for the number, you might have a clash.

  7. No clashes on the config file or in the player faces folder. In short, I have no idea where this other guys face has come from!

  8. No pics called 8877532 either? the pic png?

    try changing the name of the pic to fabio and the the first bit should be
    <record from="fabio" etc etc

  9. No pics with that name either.

    Changed it to Fabio as you said, made no difference; still has the face of someone that isn't him. The pic is a png and the same size as all the others. Really strange.

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