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carlos_fierro is back... for FM 2017

  1. Quote Originally Posted by carlos_fierro View Post

    OOPS! This page does not exist

    thats what i see when i open the link from the fm 16 page

  2. Readers will note that my new pack is now available on this thread.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by carlos_fierro View Post
    Readers will note that my new pack is now available on this thread.
    Hello Carlos, satisfied with your return, your facepacks was fantastic !

  4. Duplicates

    Is there a easy/fast way to get rid of the duplicates from the 2016 file? My whole squad from Leipzig in FM17 just got replaced with the '16 ones.

    did you maybe upload the wrong folder? I found alot of duplicates, even the big players like Messi got replaced with the 2016 tiles. If not what am I doing wrong?
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  5. give me a few hours, I've had mediafire issues...

    The folder titles got a bit messy, but if you rename 2016 "2-2016" and reload the skin you should get your 2017 tiles back. I'll post again once I've updated the 2016 file, but it takes forever to upload!
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  6. Okay RESeedorf, both packs are now properly uploaded.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by carlos_fierro View Post
    Okay RESeedorf, both packs are now properly uploaded.

    That was quick! Gracias.

  8. Hope it works for you now.

  9. Happy you are back!

  10. Updates today - many old tiles replaced in 2017 pack, and 400 new players. Serie A basically complete. Practically every player with a CA of 140+ is now included on the proper template.

    Name:  43026579.png
Views: 308
Size:  110.5 KBName:  34011687.png
Views: 310
Size:  106.1 KBName:  85093001.png
Views: 309
Size:  102.5 KBName:  78045749.png
Views: 303
Size:  104.0 KB
    Name:  951034.png
Views: 305
Size:  100.5 KBName:  5109664.png
Views: 305
Size:  105.7 KBName:  43050841.png
Views: 305
Size:  107.7 KBName:  8169242.png
Views: 303
Size:  100.6 KB
    Name:  22010804.png
Views: 295
Size:  95.7 KBName:  37020713.png
Views: 290
Size:  103.7 KBName:  67046417.png
Views: 294
Size:  108.9 KBName:  43167354.png
Views: 299
Size:  101.7 KB
    Name:  859510.png
Views: 241
Size:  98.4 KBName:  55070298.png
Views: 242
Size:  98.1 KBName:  28066083.png
Views: 235
Size:  87.0 KBName:  93011051.png
Views: 236
Size:  101.1 KB
    Gonzalo Castro (Malaga) and Gonazlo Castro (Dortmund) are now the right players. Joel Robles is now correct. Many old Premier League players have had their templates corrected. The 2016 pack has had doubles removed.

    Please let me know if you find any mistakes.

    Happy FMing!
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