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carlos_fierro is back... for FM 2017
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  1. carlos_fierro is back... for FM 2017

    Name:  108625.png
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Size:  104.6 KBName:  315542.png
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Size:  102.6 KBName:  7458500.png
Views: 814
Size:  113.1 KBName:  28047560.png
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    Name:  35008236.png
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Size:  110.6 KBName:  19047778.png
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Size:  115.6 KBName:  43223311.png
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Size:  107.9 KBName:  14043247.png
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Size:  106.2 KB

    Click on the logo to download.

    Name:  fm17_logo.png
Views: 1170
Size:  16.1 KB 4,700 images
    (474mb) Last update 22/4
    Name:  football-manager-16-logo-390x200.png
Views: 1173
Size:  12.8 KB 11,716 images
    1gb, same template)
    Name:  fm-2015-logo.png
Views: 941
Size:  13.5 KB 8,706 tiles
    (814mb, same template)
    I'd suggest all three packs are downloaded for depth. All doubles have been deleted.

    2017 pack includes some tiles from ixtango's project - sizes and template are
    not 100% true but they work together - they will gradually be replaced.

    2015 pack is lower quality due to resizing, but still effective in-game.

    Many thanks to all who have contributed to 2015 and 2016.

    Request MUST include UID, name and head shot.

    Use DF11 panels to get them looking nice.

    Weekly updates expected.
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  2. welcome back carlos ! it is nice to see you back with your facepacks ! is there any chance of telling me your source for these HQ pictures ??
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  3. Great to see you back Carlos. Here to help as always if you need anything.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by carlos_fierro View Post
    Hi ix, private source I'm afraid, and not as comprehensive as last year
    OK, i understand that. Are you ok with me continuing with my facepack ? just wondering ?
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  5. Great news, one of the best is back!... Welcome mate!

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  6. The legend returns, welcome back Carlos
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  7. any chance I could get the template?

  8. I see you'v even got Neymar with his awful blonde hair (if you want to call that blonde mind!), wont be long before Suarez joins him and Messi i reckon!

    Welcome back for FM17!
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  9. These are sharp and look pretty good with the existing DF11 panels. What part are you worried about re customisation - here's how it shows in my game.

    Name:  smith.jpg
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Size:  43.4 KB

  10. Just looked at that again - what if you changed size of facepack to 280x360? Doable?
    Quality of photo/edit means underlying image must be a good size.

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