Touch - Face pack

  1. Touch - Face pack

    I read the sticky and tried searching and I couldn't find anything regarding facepacks for FM Touch 17. Where can I download a face pack?

    Again, sorry if it's already out there, can't seem to find it.


  2. Hi mate. I'm currently working on this. Its very time consuming though... I need to rename all faces (Sortitoutsi's 8GB + 1GB faces that I created) and then transfer them to my tablet to test. I did this with all team badges and it works great. I also tried some faces and it works. But I don't know if it can handle 9GBs of images. I'll let you know when I finish and give you a link. Hopefully everything will go to plan. But... believe me. It will take a lot of time to transfer all these images to you tablet/mobile. So be patient...

  3. I've got good news. I managed to rename/transfer ALL 9 GBs of player/staff/chairman images and they work perfectly on my tablet!
    I'm uploading them now and will give you the link in a bit. The bad news is that it takes forever to copy all those images from a usd stick/memory card, to your phone/tablet. BUT if you have a rooted phone or tablet then you can transfer everything directly from your PC faster using a usb cable. It took me 1 whole day to rename/transfer all these files on a NON rooted tablet but it was worth it!

  4. Hi again!
    You can find everything on my channel on youtube! Enjoy!

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