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Carlos_Fierro's facepack for 2018

  1. Carlos_Fierro's facepack for 2018

    Name:  19024412.png
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Size:  98.5 KBName:  67086656.png
Views: 2
Size:  111.0 KBName:  1410956.png
Views: 4
Size:  95.3 KBName:  85078058.png
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Size:  110.3 KBName:  962988.png
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Size:  90.0 KBName:  5132312.png
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Size:  98.7 KBName:  5108390.png
Views: 764
Size:  96.4 KBName:  67030171.png
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  2. Great Work Carlos as always ! i guess i will scrap my plans then since you have began yours. If i can be of any help please let me know !
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  3. Thanks IX. Will let you know.

  4. Hi Carlos is very good facepack!!! You could teach how these faces do, I wanted to learn!

  5. Action pack by me

    Hey, Carlos! Do you have a template? I also try to take a photo. But 250x300. I'm a fan of your work. You can see my attempts here. The last pack in the last message on this page.
    Or download here
    With best regards!

  6. fantastic!

  7. Update today.

    Name:  29115800.png
Views: 645
Size:  91.0 KBName:  62085429.png
Views: 645
Size:  97.6 KBName:  28109701.png
Views: 649
Size:  106.9 KBName:  7681312.png
Views: 646
Size:  98.4 KB
    Name:  18004457.png
Views: 7251
Size:  97.9 KBName:  8152558.png
Views: 7241
Size:  103.1 KBName:  28106999.png
Views: 644
Size:  99.5 KBName:  957002.png
Views: 7242
Size:  98.8 KB
    Name:  43167351.png
Views: 7250
Size:  105.5 KBName:  43167354.png
Views: 639
Size:  104.0 KBName:  92026209.png
Views: 7230
Size:  97.7 KBName:  55041694.png
Views: 7233
Size:  96.8 KB
    Name:  8833628.png
Views: 7162
Size:  99.6 KBName:  43026579.png
Views: 7151
Size:  101.7 KBName:  19024412.png
Views: 622
Size:  106.5 KBName:  85086031.png
Views: 7155
Size:  104.9 KB
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  8. Weird request, can you send me the Neymar (Barcelona) one from the previous update please? Thanks!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jmmf1991 View Post
    Weird request, can you send me the Neymar (Barcelona) one from the previous update please? Thanks!
    Haha. I know how you feel... Sorry JMMF, I don't keep old pics. Apologies, but the 2017 pack still has him in a Barcelona kit.

  10. Worth the shot, it was a great facepack in the new Barça kit. Thanks for the answer!

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