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Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10

  1. Rory Delap
    Name:  RoryDelap.png
Views: 854
Size:  65.3 KB

    Gary Rowett
    Name:  GaryRowett.png
Views: 1222
Size:  65.1 KB

    James Rowland
    Name:  JamesRowland.png
Views: 819
Size:  55.3 KB

    Jack Sharkey
    Name:  JackSharkey.png
Views: 914
Size:  56.5 KB

    Mike Whitlow
    Name:  MikeWhitlow.png
Views: 1034
Size:  51.6 KB

  2. @LeoPamponet: there's a problem with you attachments ! When I click on a linh it says "Invalid Attachment specified."
    Please rearrange your post with valid photos (no links, thanx) and no more than 3/4 requests at a time !
    Also I usually do not cut any "famous" player and/or staffer that are already in a lot of megapacks; sometime I do an exception just for one or two (like the CR7 cut-out of last week) ... in the past someone used my works for creatin' his own megapack !!!
    Thank you !!!

  3. Everton Ribeiro
    Name:  EvertonRibeiro.png
Views: 1021
Size:  54.2 KB

    Name:  Lodeiro.png
Views: 798
Size:  62.3 KB

    Name:  Vitinho.png
Views: 933
Size:  55.0 KB

    Name:  Ganso.png
Views: 799
Size:  60.6 KB

    @LeoPamponet: nice work for your cuts, I suggest you to add a little bit of shadow (just 1 px) to give it more deep ... and please rearrange your post with the photos of the coaches: use the format <name> <photo> and carriage return ... thanx !!!
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  4. I would like you to take the background of these images that I cut...
    Name:  Lodeiro 1.png
Views: 739
Size:  49.1 KBLodeiro Name:  SAM_0207 - Copia.png
Views: 736
Size:  48.1 KBLucas Name:  Willian.png
Views: 980
Size:  47.7 KBWillian
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  5. Willian
    Name:  Willian.png
Views: 794
Size:  60.0 KB

    Name:  Lucas.png
Views: 754
Size:  59.0 KB

    Name:  Conca.png
Views: 1167
Size:  98.3 KB

    Name:  Ferreyra.png
Views: 742
Size:  60.6 KB
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  6. @LeoPamponet: hi mate, I think you're doing a little bit of confusion in this thread ... there are some rules for helpin' me to manage all the requests in the better way; it's not my job, I do it for free, the only thing that I ask is to follow some basics rules:
    - no more than 3/4 requests at a time;
    - only pictures of players not well known or not alreay presents in a megapack;
    - post the complete name of the player/staffer (or the guy if is you or one of your friends) and the picture to cut;
    - format the post with the request with just one column: every "cell" has the name and the picture and then a carriage return (just like I post my works ...).

    I think it's not to hard to follow these simple rules

    So please from this moment post your requests following the above rules, thank you so much !!!

    About your last post: I've just posted the cut-out of Willian and Lodeiro ... the third one I don't know who is ...

  7. Sorry Last Request Please Cut Out this Pic Of "Willian Borges Da Silva" (Willian)

  8. Mitsuru Maruoka (Dortmund)
    The one in black pls. Thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-maruoka.jpg  

  9. .Mohamed Salah:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg

    Damian Reeves:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg

    Michael Johnson:

    Matt Murray:
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  10. Willian Borges Da Silva
    Name:  WillianBorgesDaSilva.png
Views: 2449
Size:  72.4 KB

    Mitsuru Maruoka
    Name:  MitsuruMaruoka.png
Views: 1394
Size:  65.2 KB
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  11. Thanks I appreciate your work for us

  12. Mohamed Salah
    Name:  MohamedSalah.png
Views: 4268
Size:  71.7 KB

    Damian Reeves
    Name:  DamianReeves.png
Views: 1123
Size:  78.6 KB

    Michael Johnson
    Name:  MichaelJohnson.png
Views: 1114
Size:  66.1 KB
    (sorry for the quality, but the resolution of the face is too small ...)

    Matt Murray
    Name:  MattMurray.png
Views: 1151
Size:  74.2 KB
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  13. Thank you blackmagic10 you are a legend

  14. hello there can you make a cut out of this ones

    julien ngoy

    Lee Seung-woo
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-julien-ngoy.jpg   Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-lee-seung-woo.jpg  

  15. Hi markiny, I'll try to cut the Ngoy picture, but the face is too small ... it should be at least 180x180px (the face, not the picture ...) if you've a better picture please post it, thanx

  16. Julien Ngoy
    Name:  JulienNgoy.png
Views: 1434
Size:  62.0 KB

    (as written in the previous post the resul is orrible due to the lower resolution of the photo, the face was 90x90px so I've to double it in resizing ... you can see the result)

    Lee Seung-Woo
    Name:  LeeSeungWoo.png
Views: 1403
Size:  61.1 KB

  17. Superb work, i've started using some of the players i've never heard of, as my regen faces, they look great.

    My start doin my own as soon i find out how to save onto an alpha channel so dont get the background

  18. thanks and one more

    thanks for the cut outs heres one more if there is no problem

    Bradley Barry

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-bradleybarry.jpeg

  19. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-oscar-garcia-brighton-hove-albion-v-villarreal-xoq1rocnxkcl.jpg

    hi blackmagic, can you cut this picture.

    he is Oscar Garcia, Brighton's manager. Thanks.

  20. Lothar Matthaus

    Frank Rijkaard

    Franz Beckenbauer

    Pep Guardiola
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  21. Bradley Barry
    Name:  BradleyBarry.png
Views: 1367
Size:  73.2 KB

    Oscar Garcia
    Name:  OscarGarcia.png
Views: 1031
Size:  65.4 KB

  22. Lothar Matthaus
    Name:  LotharMatthaus.png
Views: 1748
Size:  78.1 KB

    Frank Rijkaard
    Name:  FrankRijkaard.png
Views: 1723
Size:  80.3 KB

    Franz Beckenbauer
    Name:  FranzBeckenbauer.png
Views: 1276
Size:  78.2 KB

    Joseph Guardiola
    Name:  JosephGuardiola.png
Views: 1736
Size:  77.8 KB

  23. thanks and one more

    thanks for the other cut outs i've found one more that i would like to have here it is there are 3 pictures choose the best to cut out in your opinion
    everton felipe
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-everton-felipe-sport-angelimsite-oficial_lanima20130815_0058_26.jpg   Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-everton-felipe-19218935.jpg   Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-a4.jpg  

  24. Everton Felipe
    Name:  EvertonFelipe.png
Views: 1096
Size:  64.8 KB Name:  EvertonFelipe2.png
Views: 955
Size:  59.6 KB

  25. where is download link??

  26. Could you cut me this pic of Jese Rodriguez of Real Madrid?

  27. Quote Originally Posted by rikyp View Post
    where is download link??
    Sorry !?!??!?
    What are u talkin' about ?
    This is not a megapack ! Just a thread where people ask me to cut-out pictures of players in FM format (180x18px) ...
    If you like/need one of these works just right-click on the picture and choose "Save image as ..."
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  28. Jese' Rodriguez
    Name:  JeseRodriguez.png
Views: 3998
Size:  73.2 KB
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  29. Rodrigo Gomez
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-2220.jpg  

  30. Rodrigo Gomez
    Name:  RodrigoGomez.png
Views: 1434
Size:  77.2 KB

  31. Thanks BlackMagic )

  32. Sorry for the quality ... I had to enlarge the face ... if you find a better photo I'll cut it !!!

  33. Nah mate , it's fine Thanks again.

  34. thibaut courtois
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-images.jpg

  35. Thibaut Courtois
    Name:  ThibautCourtois.png
Views: 2172
Size:  68.1 KB

  36. Sam Byram

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-t-i-xu-ng.jpg


  37. Sam Byram
    Name:  SamByram.png
Views: 1185
Size:  73.1 KB

  38. one more

    Dael Fry

    gedeon kalulu
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-dael-fry.jpg  
    Attached Images  
    Last edited by markiny; 26/02/2014 at 08:41 PM.

  39. Dael Fry
    Name:  DaelFry.png
Views: 1404
Size:  71.8 KB

    Gedeon Kalulu
    Name:  GedeonKalulu.png
Views: 1390
Size:  70.1 KB

  40. @DamienConte: where' s your last request !??!? BTW these are the cuts

    Jurgen Degabrele
    Name:  JurgenDegabrele.png
Views: 871
Size:  73.7 KB

    Romario Brignone
    Name:  RomarioBrignone.png
Views: 897
Size:  59.3 KB

    Joseph Mbong
    Name:  JosephMbong.png
Views: 911
Size:  74.5 KB

  41. Oh mate thanks and sorry for the late reply :/ but I though that I shouldn't post more than 2 pictures at one time. Sorry and thanks

  42. Nealmark Bonnici - Xghajra Tornados.

    Could you do this for me mate when you have some free time. thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-1011099_10200655351586129_2927514_n.jpg  

  43. Quote Originally Posted by DamienConte View Post
    Oh mate thanks and sorry for the late reply :/ but I though that I shouldn't post more than 2 pictures at one time. Sorry and thanks
    It's ok ... 2 or 3 pictures for each request, just to let me organize

  44. Nealmark Bonnici
    Name:  NealmarkBonnici.png
Views: 728
Size:  55.8 KB

  45. Thanks mate

  46. Andy Halliday

    Thank you very much!
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  47. george green

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-t-i-xu-ng.jpg

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-wp_20140302_009.jpg  

  48. Andy Halliday
    Name:  AndyHalliday.png
Views: 917
Size:  72.1 KB

    George Green
    Name:  GeorgeGreen.png
Views: 1220
Size:  71.9 KB

  49. Could you do William Yarbrough for me mate? Thanks!

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-leon-william-yarbrough-02.jpg

  50. William Yarbrough
    Name:  WilliamYarbrough.png
Views: 3090
Size:  72.8 KB

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