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Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10

  1. Hey Black magic. Any idea when these will be done. Lucas Boye is playing well for me but I hate that he has no face.

  2. Sorry but I don't "work" in the we ... you'll have your three faces monday morning

  3. Hi, Blackmagic10, please make this faces!

    Alan Wigor Do Nascimento
    Name:  Alan Wigor.png
Views: 1097
Size:  24.3 KB
    Boubakari Alim
    Name:  Alim Boubakari.jpg
Views: 1372
Size:  15.2 KB
    Evan Dimas
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-evan-dimas-131014b.jpg
    Fredrik Ljungberg
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-fredrik-ljungberg_isl_0.jpg
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  4. And this!
    Marko Materazzi
    Attachment 699865
    Riyaad Norodien
    Attachment 699868
    Attachment 699871
    Lucio Compagnucci
    Attachment 699872

  5. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-10636275_10152319900496344_988028854433631959_n.jpg

    Hi Mate.
    Can you plz do a cut out on this one

  6. Lucas Boyé
    Name:  LucasBoyé.png
Views: 8395
Size:  79.8 KB

    Kristoffer Ayer
    Name:  KristofferAyer.png
Views: 1910
Size:  53.1 KB

    Jesus Vellejo
    Name:  JesusVellejo.png
Views: 1297
Size:  77.8 KB

  7. Alan Wigor Do Nascimento
    Name:  AlanWigorDoNascimento.png
Views: 1121
Size:  55.5 KB

    Boubakari Alim
    Name:  AlimBoubakari.png
Views: 1093
Size:  53.6 KB

    Evan Dimas
    Name:  EvanDimas.png
Views: 1454
Size:  63.4 KB

    Fredrik Ljungberg
    Name:  FredrikLjungberg.png
Views: 1608
Size:  74.7 KB

  8. Philip Lexler Hansell
    Name:  PhilipLexlerHansell.png
Views: 926
Size:  79.1 KB

  9. Euller
    Name:  Euller.jpg
Views: 1029
Size:  20.5 KB
    Lucio Compagnucci
    Name:  Lucio Compagnucci.jpg
Views: 2149
Size:  8.9 KB
    Marko Materazzi
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-marco-materazzi-chennaiyin-fc-takimina-transfer-ol-14407.jpg
    Riyaad Norodien
    Name:  riyaad_norodien_id.jpg
Views: 1073
Size:  55.9 KB

  10. Name:  52148.jpg
Views: 1188
Size:  20.9 KBCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-alman-basini-hakan-calhanoglu-leverkusen-6398799_9148_o.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-iste_caner_erkin_yaptigi_o_fedakarlik_1406104411_6471.jpg


  11. Lovely
    Cheers Mate
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  12. Jason Mellor

    Nick McCootie

    Chas Hemmings

    Panos Armenakas

    Jason Denayer

    Thank you for any help you can provide
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  13. Euller
    Name:  Euller.png
Views: 739
Size:  77.8 KB

    Lucio Compagnucci
    Name:  LucioCompagnucci.png
Views: 1167
Size:  57.0 KB

    Marco Materazzi
    Name:  MarcoMaterazzi.png
Views: 1009
Size:  49.6 KB

    Riyaad Norodien
    Name:  RiyaadNorodien.png
Views: 746
Size:  67.3 KB
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  14. @kaarto7: please no more than three faces each request ... Thanx

  15. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    @kaarto7: please no more than three faces each request ... Thanx
    No problem mate, I've edited the post.

  16. Thank you very much!
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Kaarto7 View Post
    No problem mate, I've edited the post.
    It wasn't necessary ... just for this time I'll cut all your 5 faces

  18. Jean-Marc Makusu Mundele
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jean-marc-makusu-mundele.jpg
    Nigel Atangana
    Name:  Nigel Atangana.jpg
Views: 861
Size:  5.5 KB
    Juan Falcon
    Name:  Juan Falcon.jpg
Views: 1236
Size:  53.1 KB
    Arnauld Lusamba
    Name:  Arnauld Lusamba.jpg
Views: 794
Size:  25.5 KB

  19. Goran Pandev
    Name:  GoranPandev.png
Views: 977
Size:  62.6 KB

    Hakan Calhanoglu
    Name:  HakanCalhanoglu.png
Views: 1282
Size:  65.2 KB

    Caner Erkin
    Name:  CanerErkin.png
Views: 1374
Size:  71.3 KB

  20. Jason Mellor
    Name:  JasonMellor.png
Views: 854
Size:  69.4 KB

    Nick McCootie
    Name:  NickMcCootie.png
Views: 952
Size:  66.8 KB

    Chas Hemmings
    Name:  ChasHemmings.png
Views: 1175
Size:  75.3 KB

    Panos Armenakas
    Name:  PanosArmenakas.png
Views: 1520
Size:  88.9 KB

    Jason Denayer
    Name:  JasonDenayer.png
Views: 1481
Size:  64.3 KB
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  21. Thanks mate, greatly appreciated
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  22. Pavel Nedved Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-pavelnedved.jpg Alessandro Nesta Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-nesta.jpg
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  23. Martin Ødegaard (you have 2 photos , just choose the better for you to work with thnks mate
    Attached Images   

  24. Jean-Marc Makusu Mundele
    Name:  JeanMarcMakusuMundele.png
Views: 1027
Size:  66.0 KB

    Nigel Atangana
    Name:  NigelAtangana.png
Views: 923
Size:  69.3 KB

    Juan Falcon
    Name:  JuanFalcon.png
Views: 928
Size:  56.7 KB

    Arnauld Lusamba
    Name:  ArnauldLusamba.png
Views: 913
Size:  55.1 KB

  25. Max Reinthaler
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-max-reinthaler.jpg
    Thomas Toure
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-thomas-toure.jpg
    Gjoko Zajkov
    Name:  аророо.jpg
Views: 861
Size:  6.8 KB
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-hugo.jpg

    Last player (Attached Thumbnails) don't need in cut-outing :-)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-hubert-aulon.jpg  
    Last edited by SG11; 07/11/2014 at 01:45 PM. Reason: Last player (Attached Thumbnails) don't need in cut-outing :-)

  26. @SG11: please no more than 3 photos each request !!! Thanx

  27. Name:  adam lallana.png
Views: 4189
Size:  87.2 KB
    Adam Lallana

    Name:  raheemmm.png
Views: 2986
Size:  90.1 KB
    Raheem Sterling

    Name:  ross barkley.png
Views: 3667
Size:  91.4 KB
    Ross Barkley

  28. Juan Agudelo
    Free Agent
    Any advice on how i assign the picture to the player?

  29. How can you apply those photos in game?

    I would like to request for:

    1. Jesus Vallejo
    Name:  250x250_02124046jesus-vallejo.jpg
Views: 3086
Size:  9.5 KB

    2. Vaclav Cerny

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-10374068_299330696906661_7325037943127033473_n.jpg

  30. Pavel Nedved
    Name:  PavelNedved.png
Views: 1659
Size:  80.6 KB

    Alessandro Nesta
    Name:  AlessandroNesta.png
Views: 1293
Size:  64.9 KB

    Adrian Marin
    Name:  AdrianMarin.png
Views: 1206
Size:  75.3 KB

    Sergio Marcos
    Name:  SergioMarcos.png
Views: 1019
Size:  76.9 KB

  31. Martin Ødegaard
    Name:  MartinØdegaard.png
Views: 4785
Size:  78.3 KB Name:  MartinØdegaard2.png
Views: 1220
Size:  60.4 KB

    Sorry for the quality, but the photos you posted were too small ...
    Last edited by BlackMagic10; 10/11/2014 at 09:58 AM.

  32. Max Reinthaler
    Name:  MaxReinthaler.png
Views: 1308
Size:  60.1 KB

    Thomas Toure
    Name:  ThomasToure.png
Views: 1305
Size:  65.3 KB

    Gjoko Zajkov
    Name:  GjokoZajkov.png
Views: 1307
Size:  55.4 KB

    Name:  Hugo.png
Views: 1108
Size:  73.8 KB

  33. @Bristolcity10: sorry but I don't cut faces of well known players, you can find it in any facepack ...

    @SionTHFC: it's a little bit complicated, you've to rename the file and edit a config.xml ... for the full procedure take a look in the forum or google for it

    @BangBusDriver: I've cutted Vallejo face just a couple of days ago; you can find it here:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10

  34. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    Max Reinthaler
    Attachment 703498

    Thomas Toure
    Attachment 703501

    Gjoko Zajkov
    Attachment 703504

    Attachment 703507
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  35. Bristlocity10
    Attachment 703837
    Attachment 703840
    Attachment 703841

  36. Juan Agudelo
    Name:  72021721.png
Views: 1002
Size:  40.5 KB
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  37. Name:  564123_10152339952462907_2123809885_n.jpg
Views: 1124
Size:  4.3 KB

    is it possible this could be cut out please?

  38. Jesus Vallejo
    Name:  700508d1415004308-cut-out-faces-blackmagic10-jesusvellejo.png
Views: 5773
Size:  77.8 KB

  39. @evans05: first of all please write the name of the player in your photo, second the photo is too small (the face MUST be at least 180x180px) ... please find a better one

    @SG11: what are you doin' ? Your last posts are requests or you're answerin' to someone ?!?!

  40. @blackmagic10: Yeah, its answers to someone,what did I do wrong?
    Last edited by SG11; 10/11/2014 at 08:09 PM.

  41. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-fft81_mf2267763.jpegCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-1055138.jpg

    oguzhan acar - doganay kilic

    Turkish young players

  42. Juan Agudelo
    Name:  JuanAgudelo.png
Views: 1401
Size:  59.3 KB

    Vaclav Cerny
    Name:  VaclavCerny.png
Views: 4077
Size:  79.8 KB

  43. Quote Originally Posted by SG11 View Post
    @blackmagic10: Yeah, its answers to someone,what did I do wrong?
    Nothin' of course, but please if you're answerin' to another user please use quotes or the "@" so I can understand that is not a request

    If you post a photo with a name I think that you're requestin' a cut-out face ...

  44. Hi!
    Could you please "cut-out" those pictures ? That would be wonderful!

    Théo Pellenard
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-pellenard.jpg

    Sessi D'Almeida

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-dalmeida.jpg

    Jérome Prior

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-prior.jpg
    Attached Images  
    Last edited by antoinesting; 11/11/2014 at 04:21 PM. Reason: I had forgotten the names!

  45. @antoinesting: please the names. Thanx

  46. @blackmagic10: Okay!

  47. @anelkadinho:
    Oguzhan Acar
    Name:  oguzhan acar.png
Views: 1049
Size:  55.6 KB
    Doganay Kilic
    Name:  doganay kilic.png
Views: 970
Size:  47.0 KB

  48. Oguzhan Acar
    Name:  OguzhanAcar.png
Views: 876
Size:  77.0 KB

    Doganay Kilic
    Name:  DoganayKilic.png
Views: 912
Size:  55.9 KB

    Jérome Prior
    Name:  JeromePrior.png
Views: 913
Size:  56.1 KB

    Théo Pellenard
    Name:  ThéoPellenard.png
Views: 1262
Size:  63.7 KB

    Sessi D'Almeida
    Name:  SessiDAlmeida.png
Views: 1136
Size:  72.0 KB
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  49. @ BlackMagic10: Super! Thank you very much, man! you're doing a great job that really improves our game experience!
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