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Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10

  1. May I ask for those ones? please...
    The young players in my team don't have their faces in the different facepacks .... :-(

    Cédric Yambéré

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-yamb%C3%A9r%C3%A9.jpg

    Jordan Blaise

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-blaise.jpg

    Karl De Souza

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-desouza.jpg

  2. Cédric Yambéré
    Name:  CedricYambere.png
Views: 1021
Size:  53.3 KB

    Jordan Blaise

    Name:  JordanBlaise.png
Views: 844
Size:  59.5 KB

    Karl De Souza

    Name:  KarlDeSouza.png
Views: 843
Size:  56.9 KB
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  3. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-img_1054.jpgWould someone be so kind and make a Cut Out on my friend Tobias

  4. Super !!
    Thanks very much ! have a nice weekend!
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  5. Tobias (Philip's friend)
    Name:  Tobias.png
Views: 769
Size:  69.1 KB Name:  Tobias2.png
Views: 739
Size:  68.8 KB

    I don't know if you prefer with or without headphones, so I did two versions ... hope you like it
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  6. Ah so lovley
    You are a king on this
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  7. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-dsc9421.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-dsc9443.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-dsc9406.jpg
    Plamen Galabov, Kiril Despodov and Rumen Rumenov. All from Litex Lovech.

  8. Starting a new campaign with this fella
    Vinnie Jones
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-vinnie-jones.jpg
    Thanks in advance

  9. Plamen Galabov
    Name:  PlamenGalabov.png
Views: 1976
Size:  71.7 KB

    Kiril Despodov
    Name:  KirilDespodov.png
Views: 1028
Size:  73.5 KB

    Rumen Rumenov
    Name:  RumenRumenov.png
Views: 947
Size:  77.8 KB

    Vinnie Jones
    Name:  VinnieJones.png
Views: 990
Size:  61.6 KB

  10. Hi Mate!
    Here is 3 player from Arsenal u21.
    Would be nice if you want to fix them, when you have time of course

    Name:  Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill.jpg
Views: 1244
Size:  20.0 KBBrandon Ormonde-Ottewill

    Name:  Tafari Moore.jpg
Views: 1505
Size:  18.9 KBTafari Moore

    Name:  Ryan Huddart.jpg
Views: 1064
Size:  18.7 KBRyan Huddart

  11. Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill
    Name:  BrandonOrmonde-Ottewill.png
Views: 1046
Size:  61.3 KB

    Tafari Moore
    Name:  TafariMoore.png
Views: 1001
Size:  59.8 KB

    Ryan Huddart
    Name:  RyanHuddart.png
Views: 896
Size:  58.4 KB

  12. I know I´m a pain in the ass now, but do you want to do this to?
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-hassan_najafi_nif14_hel.jpgHassan Najafi

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-mergim_shala_nif14_hel.jpgMergim Shala

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-4415483.jpgMedi Dresevic

  13. Hassan Najafi
    Name:  HassanNajafi.png
Views: 835
Size:  63.4 KB

    Mergim Shala
    Name:  MergimShala.png
Views: 951
Size:  62.8 KB

    Medi Dresevic
    Name:  MediDresevic.png
Views: 860
Size:  60.8 KB

  14. Name:  indir.jpg
Views: 786
Size:  5.1 KBCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-calhanoglu_040714_0967h.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-toprak_070714_2182h.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-oeztunali_030714_2084h.jpg

    Emre Oztürk - Hakan calhanoglu - ömer toprak - levin oztunali


  15. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-10618.jpg
    Kevin Bru - Ipswich Town
    Name:  414506.jpg
Views: 829
Size:  35.1 KB
    Cameron Stewart - Ipswich Town
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-10619.jpg
    Denis Stracqualursi - Emelec
    HI MATE,
    Would be nice if u want to help me to fix this
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  16. Emre Oztürk
    Name:  EmreOzturk.png
Views: 702
Size:  60.4 KB

    Hakan Calhanoglu
    Name:  HakanCalhanoglu.png
Views: 1930
Size:  66.0 KB

    Ömer Toprak
    Name:  OmerToprak.png
Views: 777
Size:  64.9 KB

    Levin Oztunali
    Name:  LevinOztunali.png
Views: 726
Size:  63.8 KB

  17. Kevin Bru
    Name:  KevinBru.png
Views: 723
Size:  59.6 KB

    Cameron Stewart
    Name:  CameronStewart.png
Views: 759
Size:  58.2 KB

    Denis Stracqualursi
    Name:  DenisStracqualursi.png
Views: 805
Size:  67.8 KB

  18. Hello !
    Could you please cut-out those images for me ? (players from VAFC) That would be legend...wait for it...dary! LEGENDARY!

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-379.jpg
    Jerome Guihoata
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-308.jpg
    Jean-Luc Dompe
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-253.jpg
    Lyès Houri
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-373.jpg
    Lamine Ndao

    ​thanks very much in advance !

  19. Jerome Guihoata
    Name:  JeromeGuihoata.png
Views: 822
Size:  73.4 KB

    Jean-Luc Dompe

    Name:  Jean-LucDompe.png
Views: 801
Size:  68.0 KB

    Lyès Houri

    Name:  LyèsHouri.png
Views: 767
Size:  64.0 KB

    Lamine Ndao

    Name:  LamineNdao.png
Views: 791
Size:  71.4 KB
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  20. Like every year this thread is suspended for Christmas holidays !!!
    Please do not post ANY request until the second half of january

    I hope every member of this community could have a merry Christmas with his family
    and friends and that in the new year all your wishes became reality

    God bless you all
    Black Magic
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  21. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-img_4658.jpgCan you do a cut out of this please mate?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    Please do not post ANY request until the second half of january
    @Niall11: Which part of this post is not enough clear ?

  23. Thank you a lot!

  24. Thank you ! Have a nice holiday too! :-)

  25. Can cut that faces? thanksCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-06.jpg

  26. Could you please do these?

    Luka Jović
    Name:  250058244.jpg
Views: 646
Size:  25.1 KB

    Allan Saint-Maximin
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-allan-saint-maximin_large.jpg

    Enes Unal
    Name:  250062599.jpg
Views: 714
Size:  27.6 KB

  27. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    Like every year this thread is suspended for Christmas holidays !!!
    Please do not post ANY request until the second half of january
    Probably my english is not so good as I was thinkin' ...

    All the requests posted before January 12 will not be processed !!!
    Please delete it ... Thanx
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  28. I hope you will help me to make faces . Last year have fun,thanks

  29. Matheus índio

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-%C3%8Dndio.jpg


    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-christiano.jpg

    Jean Patrick

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jean-patrick.jpg


    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-lucas.jpg

  30. Hello and happy new year young architects of this wonderful thread!
    Could you please cut out those faces for me (and for whoever want them in their games!)?

    Nicolas Pallois

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-pallois.jpg

    Robin Maulun

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-maulun.jpg

    Steve Shamal

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-shamal.jpg

  31. Matheus Indio
    Name:  MatheusIndio.png
Views: 939
Size:  67.4 KB

    Name:  Christiano.png
Views: 817
Size:  78.7 KB

    Jean Patrick
    Name:  JeanPatrick.png
Views: 784
Size:  73.9 KB

    Name:  Lucas.png
Views: 783
Size:  72.9 KB

  32. Name:  semih ozen.jpg
Views: 1073
Size:  37.5 KBCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-irfan-can.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-emre-oztur.jpgName:  furkan yaman.jpg
Views: 1775
Size:  15.9 KBSemih Özen,Irfan Can Kahveci,Emre Öztürk,Furkan Yaman

    Please can you make them.
    Last edited by utkukeskin; 13/01/2015 at 12:37 PM.

  33. Have you got a link for the file please mate?

  34. Quote Originally Posted by THFC123 View Post
    Have you got a link for the file please mate?
    Which file r u talkin' about' !??!?!

  35. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    Which file r u talkin' about' !??!?!
    he probably thinks you're making a pack of all these...

  36. Could someone cut these out for me please?

    Dino Halilovic:

    Name:  Dino Halilovic.png
Views: 2895
Size:  126.0 KB

    Georgis Spanoudakis:

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-georgis-spanoudakis.png

    Ianis Hagi:

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-ianis-hagi.png

    Joe Van Der Sar:

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-joe-van-der-sar.png

  37. Nicolas Pallois
    Name:  NicolasPallois.png
Views: 786
Size:  62.8 KB

    Robin Maulun
    Name:  RobinMaulun.png
Views: 812
Size:  61.3 KB

    Steve Shamal

    Name:  SteveShamal.png
Views: 750
Size:  66.9 KB

  38. Semih Özen
    Name:  SemihOzen.png
Views: 1064
Size:  60.2 KB

    Irfan Can Kahveci
    Name:  IrfanCanKahveci.png
Views: 1041
Size:  63.0 KB

    Emre Öztürk
    Name:  EmreOzturk.png
Views: 1071
Size:  68.9 KB

    Furkan Yaman
    Name:  FurkanYaman.png
Views: 1938
Size:  65.8 KB

  39. Dino Halilovic
    Name:  DinoHalilovic.png
Views: 2701
Size:  65.1 KB

    Georgis Spanoudakis
    Name:  GeorgisSpanoudakis.png
Views: 1261
Size:  64.1 KB

    Ianis Hagi
    Name:  IanisHagi.png
Views: 2711
Size:  68.2 KB

    Joe Van Der Sar
    Name:  JoeVanDerSar.png
Views: 2982
Size:  63.2 KB

  40. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    Dino Halilovic
    Attachment 748981

    Georgis Spanoudakis
    Attachment 748983

    Ianis Hagi
    Attachment 748985

    Joe Van Der Sar
    Attachment 748987

    Cheers mate.

  41. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    For all those lookin' for a cut-out face please follow this rules:
    - write complete name and team of the player;
    - posting an image of the player you need will help me work faster ...
    - please just a request at once ... I do it in my free time, it's not my job
    Elliott Charles - Eastbourne Boro

  42. Gino Dekker - Ajax -19
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-ginodekker.jpg

  43. Elliot Charles
    Name:  ElliotCharles.png
Views: 1182
Size:  65.7 KB

    Gino Dekker
    Name:  GinoDekker.png
Views: 1551
Size:  66.9 KB

  44. Ezra Walian Ajax -19, Adham el Idrissi Ajax -19 & Kasper Dolberg Silkeborg IF
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-ezrawalian.jpegCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-adham-el-idrissi.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-kasperdolberg.jpg

  45. Stewart Black Elgin City

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  46. Ezra Walian
    Name:  EzraWalian.png
Views: 2509
Size:  78.2 KB

    Adham el Idrissi
    Name:  AdhamElIdrissi.png
Views: 1578
Size:  74.8 KB

    Kasper Dolberg
    Name:  KasperDolberg.png
Views: 5903
Size:  73.2 KB

  47. Edison Cavani
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-3178.jpg

    Angel Di Maria
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-angel-di-maria-011_1.jpg

  48. Can you do these players for me please.Jordan Allan (Wolverhampton)Justin Kluivert (Ajax)Reece Oxford (West Ham)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jordan-allan.jpg   Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-reece-oxford-west-ham.jpg   Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-justin-kluivert.jpg  

  49. @Pablo30: I don't cut faces of well known players ...

  50. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    @Pablo30: I don't cut faces of well known players ...
    @ BlackMagic10 : why ?

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