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Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10

  1. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-75289_994_2012102613913623.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-189477_10150963984406370_247442536_n.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-kwame-karikari.jpegClick image for larger version

Name:	Lalawele-Atakora.jpg
Views:	1878
Size:	22.9 KB
ID:	286803Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-quaison-jag-hade-velat-utratta-mer.jpg

    Ibrahim Moro Karikari Atakora Quaison

    are these one's better?

  2. Hey mate, how are you? Btw thankyou for doing this thread and all the hard work you do for us lot. Would you please be able to do me a favour. Can you cut this face out for me, seems to have a white bit around his face which looks crap on a black background.

  3. Ibrahim Moro
    Name:  IbrahimMoro.png
Views: 1415
Size:  64.2 KB

    Kwame Karikari
    Name:  KwameKarikari.png
Views: 1348
Size:  62.0 KB

    Lalawele Atakora
    Name:  LalaweleAtakora.png
Views: 1828
Size:  57.1 KB

    Nabil Bahoui
    Name:  NabilBahoui.png
Views: 1711
Size:  46.0 KB

    Robin Quaison
    Name:  RobinQuaison.png
Views: 1421
Size:  55.0 KB

    Sorry for the bad resolution of Karikari, but the photo you posted was orrible ...

    @Tobe: Did you forgot to attach the photo ?!?!!?

  4. Blackmagic10

    Yeah i know it was hard to find a god picture for ibrahim Moro(it is not karikari on the picture)

    This is KarikariCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-kwame-karikari.jpeg

    Btw Thank you so much for the pictures they are very good

  5. Does any one know how i can fix so my facepacks is in the game. For example i have a facepack and all pictures is working but like 5 of them doesn't work and all of the pictures is exactly the same hight and width. I would really appreciate some help because it is very annoying
    Last edited by 130438; 02/12/2012 at 04:32 PM.

  6. @130438: have you modified the config.xml with the ID of the 5 players ?

  7. @BlackMagic10 Yes they have all the right id number but it still doesn't work i have always had the same problem with the previous football manager games.

  8. hello my friend, could you cut these out when you get chance?


    Leandro Damiao




  9. Cut these out please.

  10. @JakeBirch: please the names ... thanx

  11. Oscar
    Name:  Oscar.png
Views: 4980
Size:  53.2 KB

    Leandro Damiao

    Name:  LeandroDamiao.png
Views: 2946
Size:  56.5 KB

    Emmanuel Emenike

    Name:  EmmanuelEmenike.png
Views: 2971
Size:  47.3 KB


    Name:  Kelvin.png
Views: 2262
Size:  47.3 KB

    Name:  Hulk.png
Views: 2795
Size:  54.1 KB

  12. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    @JakeBirch: please the names ... thanx
    Lacina Troare - anzhi
    Samuel Eto'o - anzhi
    Mbark Boussouffa - anzhi
    Kouyate - Anderlect

  13. Lacina Traorè
    Name:  LacinaTraorè.png
Views: 2069
Size:  54.4 KB

    Samuel Eto'o
    Name:  SamuelEtoo.png
Views: 3284
Size:  51.5 KB

    Mbark Boussouffa
    Name:  MbarkBossoufa.png
Views: 1876
Size:  56.7 KB

    Cheikhou Kouyate

    Name:  CheikhouKouyate.png
Views: 2018
Size:  56.6 KB

  14. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-franz-beckenbauer-04.jpg Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-240px-ernst_happel_1978b.jpg Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-img46e28d7b593f1.jpg

    Beckenbauer, Ernst Happel, Uwe Seeler. thanks

  15. Hey Black Magic10Please can you do this one for me ....
    Santiago Munez. I use Santiago Munez as my Manager name wen i manage Newcastle.....So it would be Great help if u can do it for me.


  16. Franz Beckenbauer
    Name:  FranzBeckenbauer.png
Views: 3766
Size:  55.4 KB

    Hernst Happel

    Name:  ErnstHappel.png
Views: 1788
Size:  25.2 KB

    Uwe Seeler

    Name:  UweSeeler.png
Views: 3360
Size:  54.0 KB

    Santiago Muñez
    Name:  SantiagoMunez.png
Views: 28603
Size:  53.4 KB

  17. thanks for the cut out mate......
    really appreciated.

  18. Hi guys !!!

    Due to Christmas vacations I will not read this thread until the second half of january, please DO NOT POST any request until that date or when I'll be back there will be hundreds of photos to cut

    Thanx for your patience, have a nice Christmas with all your beloved families and friends.
    God bless you all !!!

  19. Hy BlackMagic10!
    I would like to ask you to cout out 2 Ronaldo faces please.
    Your faces are amazing and excellent works!
    please help me and here is 2 links:

  20. Hy!
    I would like to ask you to cut 2 picture of Ronaldo... sorry my bad english!
    here is the 2 links:

    Thanks!!!!!! you cut out faces very very good!! ecxellent work!!!!

  21. Ok tizesh, in a couple of days you'll have your faces

  22. thank you very much!

  23. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
    Name:  CR7-1.png
Views: 28045
Size:  47.6 KB Name:  CR7-2.png
Views: 9310
Size:  57.4 KB
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  24. Thank you very very much!!! I am very happy!!!!! i would like to ask you please cut out these faces too? you are the best!!! please BlackMagic10!! than you again! here is the links: (4 faces) thanks!!

  25. Please follow the rules in the first post:
    name of the player (even if universally known) and then picture ... Thanx

  26. Sorry BlackMagic10! Thank you very very much again!!! I am very happy!!!!! i would like to ask you please cut out these faces too? you are the best!!! please BlackMagic10!! than you again! here is the links: (4 faces) thanks!!
    Wayne Rooney:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-manchester-united-v-west-ham-wayne-rooney3_2887081.jpg
    Tom Cleverley:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-wfqb5.jpg
    Danny Welbeck:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-hh4uf.jpg
    And Cristiano Ronaldo too please:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-cristiano-ronaldo-real-madrid-training-session-ezp17tkjfxil.jpg

  27. hi how are you im new here and ijust want to ask you to do some picture for me

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-alan-curbishley.pngName:  billy davies.png
Views: 1687
Size:  22.8 KBCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-dave-jones-millwal.pngName:  dougie-freedman-190x190.png
Views: 1710
Size:  89.6 KBName:  gus poyet.png
Views: 1694
Size:  22.6 KB

    alan curbishley , billy davies , dave jones , dougie freedman , gus poyet

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-leeja09051971.pngCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-maisonmo30101971.pngName:  SouthgateGa03091970.png
Views: 1675
Size:  35.9 KBName:  BergHe01091969.png
Views: 1638
Size:  19.2 KB
    idont know the first and second gareth southage , hanning berg

  28. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post

    For all those lookin' for a cut-out face please follow this rules:
    - write complete name and team of the player;
    - posting an image of the player you need will help me work faster ...
    - please just a request at once ... I do it in my free time, it's not my job
    Please read the first post !!!

    I can't cut 4 or more faces every day ... I do it for fun, I'm not askin' nothing, just to follow some simple rules ...

    I can't try to understand why someone ask to cut three or more photos of the same player ... the idea of this thread is to cut faces of players and/or trainers that aren' in the megapack ... so why ask to cut Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and so on ?!!?

    Someone sent me a PM where there are links to megapacks (not cut-off ones) where my works are used (with different backgrounds) and there's no mention of my name and my work ...

    I don't like it !!!
    So, from this moment, I'l just cut faces of players and trainers NOT WELL KNOWN and will not accept posts with more of 2 requests ... I'm sorry but the alternative is to close the thread ...

    Thanx to you all

  29. sorry but please BlackMagic10! this is the last request for me!!! because these players are the favourite players for me! 4 faces please this is the last thanks and i'm sorry

  30. @tizesh: I'll cut your photos, don't worry, but I can't understand why you need three different faces of CR7 or why you ask to cut faces like Rooney or Wellbeck ...

    @dioufy00: I'll cut only Dave Jones (even if I hate Millwall) and Dougie Freedman, 'cause the others are too small (the final picture is 180x180px ... only the face ...), I can't understand why you need a face of a player that you don't know !!!

  31. Because the original game picture of Welbeck is very bad and Rooney too. Ronaldo 3 different faces because i will have 2 faces and the third picture i will give my friend because he likes this fotos of Ronaldo...sorry my bad english. Thans again very very much!

  32. Cristiano Ronaldo
    Name:  CR7-3.png
Views: 42249
Size:  48.5 KB

    Wayne Rooney
    Name:  WayneRooney1.png
Views: 4822
Size:  57.2 KB

    Tom Cleverley
    Name:  TomCleverley.png
Views: 1828
Size:  44.4 KB

    Danny Wellbeck
    Name:  DannyWelbeck.png
Views: 1942
Size:  43.3 KB

  33. THANK YOU very much!!!!!!! thanks 10000000000000!!!!!

  34. Wellington Nem:

    Granit Xhaka:

    Nick Powell:

    Alvaro Vadillo:

    Adam Campbell:
    Last edited by lFalcaol9l; 25/01/2013 at 06:27 AM.

  35. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    will not accept posts with more of 2 requests ... I'm sorry but the alternative is to close the thread ...

    Thanx to you all

    Please follow this simple rule !!!
    It's just a way to not have lots of photos ... I'll do it for free and in my spare time ... if everyone asks for 4/5 photos every day I've no time no keep all this project in order and to do all what I want to do !!!

    I appreciate very much that you like my works, but please help me to work better !!!
    So, just post max 2 photos ... wait until I post the cut and then post other 2 ... and so on ...

    Thanx to you all !!!

    P.S. Please post the photo not the link ...

  36. Okay, sorry didn't notice that post.
    Can you cut these two out?


    Jose Mourinho

  37. Dave Jones
    Name:  Dave Jones.png
Views: 1756
Size:  54.6 KB

    Dougie Freedman
    Name:  Dougie Freedman.png
Views: 1786
Size:  58.0 KB

    Wellington Nem
    Name:  WellingtonNem.png
Views: 2434
Size:  67.9 KB

    Granit Xaka
    Name:  GranitXaka.png
Views: 2572
Size:  45.7 KB

  38. hi sorry when I click on the attached picture the pictures show bigger so I right click then ssave photo and the zip it to graphics in the sports interactive but when I am go on the game there pictures are not there, unlike other facepack links I have used of here can you help please thanks

  39. @knighty10: my pictures are ALL 180x180px in PNG format !!! So they're not clickable ... you've just to right-click on it and "save as ..." I don't know what happens to you but can't help ... sorry ...

    Nick Powell
    Name:  NickPowell.png
Views: 2048
Size:  57.9 KB

    Alvaro Vadillo
    Name:  AlvaroVadillo.png
Views: 1899
Size:  52.5 KB

    Adam Campbell
    Name:  AdamCampbell.png
Views: 1782
Size:  54.5 KB

  40. could anyone give me a link that is working for a full megapack of player faces? I have been searching for hours now..

    I do not want to download them in bit parts either..


  41. Raikan I'm not sure of what you're searchin' for ...

    Are you talkin' about a cut-out faces megapack like this one:
    Cut-Out Faces Megapack Version 4.0 ?

    Or are you asking if exists a megapack of my works posted in this thread ?
    In this case the answer is simply ... NO !!!

  42. Joseph Guardiola
    Name:  JosephGuardiola.png
Views: 2393
Size:  51.7 KB

    José Mourinho
    Name:  JoseMourinho.png
Views: 4689
Size:  60.4 KB

    Antero Henrique
    Name:  AnteroHenrique.png
Views: 1791
Size:  58.7 KB

  43. Jose Francisco Cevallos - Signed by Juventus lately :)

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-cevi.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-panchito-cevallos.jpg

  44. Hi Damien,
    I've found this picture for Cevallos, maybe it would be better ...

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-cevallos.jpg
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  45. Yes mate can you do it for me ? ty man appreciated !

  46. could you cut those mate?

    Salvatore Bocchetti

    Alper Potuk

  47. hello BlackMagic10 , could you cut this picture out please ? It's Diego Rolan he played in Defensor Sporting and he plays now in Bordeaux in french ligue 1 . Thanks a lot for your huge work a french mate.

    Diego Rolan

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-diego-rolan-78045749.jpg

  48. Hi, Great work here Black Magic, Could you possibly cut me out Cafu?

    Many thanks

  49. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post
    Raikan I'm not sure of what you're searchin' for ...

    Are you talkin' about a cut-out faces megapack like this one:
    Cut-Out Faces Megapack Version 4.0 ?

    Or are you asking if exists a megapack of my works posted in this thread ?
    In this case the answer is simply ... NO !!!
    thanks mate, I found that and that was the one I was not wanting to download.. too many links/pars/etc etc..

    ok cool, question answered thanks pal

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