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Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10

  1. Nani
    Name:  Nani.png
Views: 1874
Size:  57.7 KB

    Salih Uçan

    Name:  SalihUcan.png
Views: 1929
Size:  39.2 KB

    Emre Kılınç
    Name:  EmreKilinc.png
Views: 1362
Size:  58.0 KB

    Jem Karacan
    Name:  JemKaracan.png
Views: 1275
Size:  65.1 KB

    Erman Kılıç
    Name:  ErmanKilic.png
Views: 1527
Size:  60.9 KB
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  2. Will you cut his face ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-ay_110117758.jpg  

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy Cool View Post
    Will you cut his face ?
    Sorry for rookie mistake . His Name is Yaya Sanogo !

  4. Yaya Sanogo
    Name:  YayaSanogo.png
Views: 1882
Size:  41.5 KB
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  5. mapou yanga mbiwa

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-mapou-yanga-mbiwa-vers-le-fc-barcelone_65319_w250.jpg

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-yanga-mbiwa.jpg

    Here 2 pic of him ı do dont know whic one is better to cut. Thanks a lot to all your work

  6. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa
    Name:  MapouYangaMbiwa1.png
Views: 1619
Size:  56.5 KB Name:  MapouYangaMbiwa2.png
Views: 1070
Size:  48.0 KB

  7. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-footy-man.jpg could you make this one of me so I can use it as my manager profile, thanks in advance

  8. Hi

    Could you make Luigi Iervese for me please ? He's a youth coach for Pescara. Here's a picture of him:

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg

    Thanks mate.

  9. Toaly
    Name:  Toaly.png
Views: 1062
Size:  47.3 KB

    Luigi Iervese
    Name:  LuigiIervese.png
Views: 1168
Size:  63.5 KB

  10. Etienne Capoue

    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-etienne_capoue.jpg

    He plays in Toulouse Fc . Thanks for your work =)

  11. Quote Originally Posted by BlackMagic10 View Post

    Luigi Iervese
    Attachment 358635

    Thank you, that is great work

  12. Maximilian Meyer, Thanks in advance


    Maximilian Meyer, thanks in advance

  14. Etienne Capoue
    Name:  EtienneCapoue.png
Views: 1071
Size:  48.9 KB

  15. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg Could you please do these 2 of me aswell please, thank you

  16. Peter Møller
    Name:  PeterMøller.png
Views: 1094
Size:  47.4 KB

    Thomas Gravesen

    Name:  ThomasGravesen.png
Views: 1550
Size:  59.2 KB

    Gudni Bergsson

    Name:  GudniBergsson.png
Views: 1227
Size:  58.2 KB

    Maximilian Meyer
    Name:  MaximilianMeyer.png
Views: 2525
Size:  46.6 KB

  17. Toaly
    Name:  Toaly2.png
Views: 995
Size:  50.0 KB Name:  Toaly3.png
Views: 995
Size:  46.0 KB

  18. Cheers, great work as always

  19. Javi Martinez

    Jackson Martinez


    Sime Vrsaljko

  20. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg Josip Radosevic

  21. Javi Martinez
    Name:  JaviMartinez.png
Views: 2039
Size:  72.3 KB

    Jackson Martinez
    Name:  JacksonMartinez.png
Views: 3854
Size:  49.9 KB

    Christian Benteke

    Name:  ChristianBenteke.png
Views: 2132
Size:  58.1 KB

    Sime Vrsaljko
    Name:  SimeVrsaljko.png
Views: 2384
Size:  49.9 KB

    Josip Radosevic
    Name:  JosipRadosevic.png
Views: 1609
Size:  43.0 KB
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  22. Jan Mølby: Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jan-m-lby.jpg Jesper Grønkjær: Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jesper-gronkj-r.jpg

  23. Hi Blackmagic! I would like to cut out CR7 newest face please if itt possible...
    Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-8747_581513021888252_122311980_n.jpg

  24. I found a better and higher quality for Ronaldo! Please use it when you will make it....thanks master!
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-5367_383863025059457_526713047_n.jpg

  25. Jan Mølby
    Name:  JanMølby.png
Views: 1533
Size:  52.4 KB

    Jesper Grønkjær

    Name:  JesperGronkjær.png
Views: 1529
Size:  44.9 KB

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Name:  CristianoRonaldo.png
Views: 60368
Size:  57.1 KB

  26. Thank you very much!!!!!!

  27. Luke Shaw

    Sorry if someone has already requested

  28. Cut these for me when you get a chance:


    Alen Halilovic:

    Tin Jedvaj:

    Lazar Markovic:

  29. Great job my friend can u cut these 1's for me?

    Marcello Lippi

    Srdjan Miajilovic

    Mateo Kovacic

    Mircea Lucescu

  30. Luke Shaw
    Name:  LukeShaw.png
Views: 2348
Size:  57.7 KB


    Name:  Bruma.png
Views: 2885
Size:  50.4 KB

    Alen Halilovic
    Name:  AlenHalilovic.png
Views: 1889
Size:  57.0 KB(already cutted ... the same picture)

    Tin Jedvaj
    Name:  TinJedvaj.png
Views: 2798
Size:  44.7 KB

    Lazar Markovic

    Name:  LazarMarkovic.png
Views: 2976
Size:  50.9 KB

  31. Great work mate can you cut these out?

    Jerome Sinclair
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jeromesinclair_2351075b.jpg

    Jordan Rossiter
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-130228-142-liverpool-u18-leeds.jpg
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jordan-rossiter-chelsea-v-liverpool-fa-youth-topykku6lkox.jpg
    Didnt find anyone really good hope one of these works


    Jordan Rossiter
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jordanrossiter.jpg
    Jerome Sinclair
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jeromesinclair_51daa5c4381fc643535708.jpg
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  32. Marcello Lippi
    Name:  MarcelloLippi.png
Views: 2350
Size:  69.3 KB

    Srdjan Miajilovic
    Name:  SrdjanMijailovic.png
Views: 2277
Size:  46.9 KB

    Mateo Kovacic

    Name:  MateoKovacic.png
Views: 2640
Size:  52.8 KB

    Mircea Lucescu

    Name:  MirceaLucescu.png
Views: 2178
Size:  70.8 KB

  33. @pypper and you all:
    please do not post any request for a couple of weeks !!!

    I'll be out for some vacations so I don't have time to spent for these works and don't want, on my return, to find hundreds of requests ...
    Thank you so much, have a good days !!!

  34. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-gundogan.jpg please do this one

  35. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-5c507f28b65743891f80f8337eac4538-83490-d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e.jpg
    Davide Arras

  36. Jerome Sinclair

    Name:  JeromeSinclair1.png
Views: 2639
Size:  52.2 KB Name:  JeromeSinclair2.png
Views: 2008
Size:  53.6 KB

    Jordan Rossiter
    Name:  JordanRossiter1.png
Views: 1671
Size:  56.1 KB Name:  JordanRossiter2.png
Views: 1558
Size:  53.6 KB Name:  JordanRossiter3.png
Views: 1638
Size:  55.5 KB

    @DamineConte: your picture is too small ...

  37. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-936732_3185984786135_68033096_n.jpg
    He's the one without the football kit
    I don't know if it's small too but i'm trying to get them from his own facebook!/davide.arras.7?fref=ts
    Davide Arras


  38. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg
    or maybe this one ?

  39. Youri Djorkaeff
    Name:  YouriDjorkaeff.png
Views: 1623
Size:  56.3 KB

    Ludovic Giuly
    Name:  LudovicGiuly.png
Views: 1906
Size:  58.2 KB

    Gunnar Haraldsson

    Name:  GunnarHaraldsson.png
Views: 1263
Size:  49.1 KB

    İlkay Gündoğan
    Name:  IlkaiGundogan.png
Views: 2846
Size:  52.7 KB

    @DamienConte: I'll try to cut the last one you posted ... the face must be at least 180x180px ...
    Last edited by BlackMagic10; 19/07/2013 at 06:32 PM.

  40. Thanks for the try mate
    The only pics i can get is from his facebook :/

  41. Thanks you are a legend

  42. @DamienConte: Arras is a very young player, maybe you had to wait a couple of months to found a nice picture to cut on the web

    @KingKenny96: thank you very much !!! I have this topic just for fun and for your appreciation ...

  43. Davide Arras
    Name:  DavideArras.png
Views: 1346
Size:  55.9 KB

    Sorry for the bad quality, but the original picture was very poor and then I have to enlarge it ...

  44. Hello BlackMagic10 ,
    can you do these photos for me please ?

    Stipe Perica Morgan Sanson
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-perica.jpgCut-out faces by BlackMagic10-sanson.jpg

    Thanks for your great work

  45. Stipe Perica
    Name:  StipePerica.png
Views: 1795
Size:  48.6 KB

    Morgan Sanson
    Name:  MorganSanson.png
Views: 1477
Size:  55.5 KB

  46. I have two requests:
    Igor Juliao - Flamengo
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-6582181457_70dd00a44e_z.jpg
    Name:  juliao.png
Views: 1083
Size:  17.1 KB

    and Igor (similar name, different player) - Corinthians:
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-ygor_lateral_do_corinthians_yesw_zps736395e3.jpg

  47. Hi BlackMagic10 ,

    Can you cut these faces please ?thanks a lot

    Jagoba Arrasate
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-jagoba-arrasate.jpg

    Laurent Abergel
    Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-laurent-abergel.jpg

  48. Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg Lewis Walters Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg Luke Parkin Cut-out faces by BlackMagic10-image.jpg Alex Mowatt

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