Dm to pull the strings for Sunderland 6mill to spend

  1. Dm to pull the strings for Sunderland 6mill to spend

    Any ideas? Fell out with Cattemole because of his discipline!

  2. GodCubed's Avatar GodCubed
    Crystal Palace Mod-ern Day Legend
    Either Ruben Yttergard Jenssen or Albin Ekdal would be my picks. Perhaps Casemiro if you can pick him up for 6 mil.

  3. Joel`'s Avatar Joel`
    Manchester United Modern Day Legend
    Ole Kristian Selnaes is a good youth option too.

  4. Bugger, can only seem to find Casemiro out of them. Must but a new laptop to increase the data base. Thanks though, any more?

  5. you'll need to load norway to get access to Ole Kristian Selnaes...looks very promising tho

  6. I've added Italy and Norway yet still can't see the players. Is that nomal? Fm13 is the first time I've played n about 7 years. I'm playing the full game

  7. Also a left or right back to play in a 451. Any ideas?

  8. jack colback is quality dm as a deep lying midfieder - support,
    left back fabio santos from corinthians

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