GK for Liverpool

  1. GK for Liverpool

    I plan on selling Reina for +20million as I feel the money could strengthen the squad as a whole. So I am looking for a quality young goalkeeper that can slot in straight away. Budget will be about 15million

  2. ter stegen from gladbach would be my first choice, maybe the young goalie from chelsea, courtois, leno from leverkusen as well.

  3. Won't get ter stegen for 15mil unless he puts in a transfer request, courtois wont sign for Liverpool so that's probably the two best young GKs you'll miss out on. Leno might.

  4. Maxym Koval- Dynamo Kyiv

  5. Ter Stegan was my first choice,thought I would of had to pay +25million as they wouldn't sell him for any less on the demo. Managed to get him for 19million though,bit over 15million but not too bothered. Thanks for the feedback lads.

  6. Although I wish I had heard of Kayal before signing ter stegan,looks just as good and cheaper

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