Blackburn Rovers.

  1. Blackburn Rovers.

    who should i sell and buy people. i cant find any decent players, i have 8 million to spend, need premiership players but i am struggling, any help?

  2. Which season are you in? Ive just finished my first season and got promoted to Prem as champions. Only players I signed were Hagen who is a norwegian right back, and Adryan (paying 875k over 46months). I managed to sell Orr, Lowe and Ribeiro and a couple other deadwood players, now got 8mil to spend however thats not including what I get for the start of 2nd season. Im looking to offload players like Murphy, Olsson, Goodwillie & Best, possibly Pedersen and wanting to bring in a half decent centreback, a leftback who doesnt get caught out of position as much as Olsson, a ball winning mid and 2 inside forwards. Think I will try get Goretzka as a mid and then who'ever else

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