monaco first season

  1. monaco first season

    i'm playing as monaco season 1 looking for a right back needs to be EU as i'm only allowed 2 non-EU players. they already have ocampos and i signed markovic. i have £5.5m to spend but i'd rather not spend all of it.

  2. just started with monaco too , struggling a bit atm. bought Welligton nem , Jali and Ademilson is coming in january , also got Macheda on loan. Sold Adriano. Got fed up of those strikers that doesnt score shit so i bought Ademilson , I will have to loan Ocampos tho because of that stupid 2 non eu guys rule

    sorry for my english , doing my best :p

  3. I don't know wether you would be able to buy him first season, but Cesar Azpilicueta is class. Might be able to get him on loan?

  4. Seb Boenisch is free to start with and is quite good.

    Also, try Planas from Barcelona B.

    Ostrzolek (if he comes)

    Torosidis from Olympiacos (but may not come)

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