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Any good russians?
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  1. Any good russians?

    I'm Anji, As you may be aware, there is a rule in russia where you must have a maximum of 7 foreign players in your first 11. This means I need 4 russians in my team at all times, although every russian I look at doesnt seem good enough for a team in the champions league, I'm in my second season btw, thanks for any help.

  2. Just buy pretty much any Russian goalkeeper/ defender. That way, if they suck it doesn't effect your team too much

    There are a lot of good Russian players about but due to the league rules, clubs are highly unlikely to sell to you for a reasonable price.

  3. Aleksandr Kerzhakov
    Alan Dzagoev
    Igor Akinfeev
    Igor Denisov

    There are a few around, keep your eyes open for good newgens too, as I have found around 5-6 decent players from Russia in my save after 2 seasons.
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  4. Thanks for your help , but my defence is one of the strongest points of my team consisting of 3 centre backs of Douglas, Samba and Moreno, plus my keeper is ter Stegen so wouldnt want to replace him , Any other suggestions?

  5. Thanks Dunc,
    I have Dzagoev as my AMC, he's a very good player ... Also I had Akinfeev as my GK until the end of the second season when he left on a free to Man United and refused to sign a contract with me, really pissed me off.
    Im now in July 2014 and have a strikeforce of fierro and Neymar who i somehow got from under the noses of FC Bayern and Man city for £21.5m ! Thanks for your help.

  6. Iryna Shayk, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, countless others :3
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  7. I'll have a look at them now.. never heard of any of them so thanks for the heads up

  8. Cant believe i didnt notice who they were haha!! searched the name and then realised what you'd done!! Think I may need some sleep!

  9. Try Kombarov at lb

  10. Have a look at Alexandr Amisulashvili at CB, he has russian nationality.

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