Tottenham 1st season - LEFT BACK?

  1. Tottenham 1st season - LEFT BACK?

    Quality Left back for Tottenham? 10-12M euros max? Fast and good in the art of defence. No 16 year old kids with bags of potential.. need to play first teem right away.
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  2. Leighton baines 10 million then try and pay the rest over 48 month?

  3. Mathhias Ostrzolek - Augsburg or Alex Sandro - Porto
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  4. insua 2million from sporting he did the job for me at tottenham still is! good young left back and chips in with goals.

  5. Has to be Baines. I swapped him with Anderson at Man Utd. 13 assists in first season.

  6. david alaba 15mil good for a long time best in his position

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