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Right backs

  1. Right backs

    Im in my second season with newcastle united and need a right back to replace simpson but only have 3million any suggestions thanks

  2. Try and get Clyne, maybe use monthly installments

  3. Can't Santon play both sides, so you could buy a left OR right back??

    For left-back, I'd strongly suggest Luke Shaw, or you might be able to get fabio from United (Again, can play both sides I think)
    He will probably be too exspensive, but one of the best LB's on the game is Alaba.

    Can't think of any right-backs you'd be able to get for newcastle, sorry! (Unless you could get the Zenit one! Anyukov or something like that!)
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  4. ok thanks ill have a look

  5. Carl Jenkinson has grown into a 4.5 star potential on my save, and he is keeping Sagna out of my team at the moment too! (Midway through second season)

  6. please start player threads in the player section, thanks

    thread moved.

  7. Cesar Azpilicueta (on loan) Ryan Taylor, Clyne, Seamus Coleman are some worth trying out!

  8. Mattias Johansson is performing great for my Liverpool-team in the second season. About to take over for Johnson permenatly.

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