Newcastle 1st season, not scoring and leaking goals.... HELP!!?

  1. Newcastle 1st season, not scoring and leaking goals.... HELP!!?

    In my first season with Newcastle, season started great, come to November and major slump and can't get out of it... Now in jan with a healthy amount of money... I need goals and I stop conceding... Help!?

  2. maybe try another subforum for tactic help? are you unhappy with one (or more) of your defensive positions? at lb santon should be plenty good, a little young but very solid. cb taylor and coloccini are far from the worst pairing in the league but if that is your problem maybe try kjaer from wolfsburg for about 3.5m, maybe onuoha from city for about the same, he can also cover at rb. simpson is decent but if he isnt cutting it put anita there and he should excel, he is perfect for the midfield but a great rb as well.

    overall you do have the players to do well both defensively and scoring, with ba and cisse especially, like i said, try to get some help for your tactic.

  3. I took your advice and created a tactic... Seems to have improved, winning a few games now but at a struggle... Problem is I have a massive injury problem, cisse cabeye Ben arfa santon all out until the end of the season, signed a few players that are covering but I need quality to get out of this rut properly..... Any suggestions?

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