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    Need a little help with my Man Utd team 2015/16 season, it currently looks like this

    GK De Gea

    DR Rafael
    DR Corchia
    DC Dominguez
    DC Vidic
    DC Jones
    DL Santon
    DL Fabio

    DM Xhaka
    Mc Herrera
    MC Fletcher
    MC Hamsik
    AMC Pjanic
    AML Kagawa
    AMR Valencia
    AML Bale
    AMC Rooney

    ST Damaio
    ST Hernandez
    ST Doumbia

    I'm looking for a GK that will keep my bench warm and not complain if anyone knows of any?
    I have Rooney on 210k a year, he is turning 30 this year, shall i get rid?
    Should i get rid of Fabio to Tottenham for 15m?
    Should i get rid of Fletcher?

    and anyone else you can suggest selling/buying/replacing in order to free up some of my wage budget which stands at 1.8m (it's not dire as the board gives me 2.1m and 78m budget) or shall i not touch it and buy a GK considering this year was the first year i've won the champions league

    Any advice appreciated Thanks

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    get rid of rooney , fabio and fletcher for a keeper butland ,begovic or guilherme, koval,courtois and possibly sign someone like falcao,rodrigo,destro

  3. Well im in 2016/2017 so im a year ahead of you and ive still got rooney as a player coach plus he is doing a decent job rotating with wilshere AP(a) i sold Fabio for 15 mil to newcastle bough alex santos (porto) keep fletcher hes a great back up plus homegrown, i sold hernandez at the start and i have falcao hes a goal machine along with neymar but dont sell rooney fletcher maybe sell doumbia and hernandez and buy rodrigo and falca, if i were you i'd have bought goetze at the 2nd season as he quality and his stats for me are awesome 14 finishing and 15 composure!!!!! if i were you i'd have used Amos or sam johnstone as back up to boost your homegrown slots and they are both quality keepers ..... buy Vidal buy dembele buy sandro as looking at ya mid it lacks muscle as sandro is a beast and as a box to box mid dembele is awesome for what i got him for £3mil hes a regular in my team!! ive won the league every year and at least one domestic cup or even both and im the semi every year and final twice lost on penos both times. also you have made a mistake selling smalling hes a great defender is used and buy dede hes quality and papadopulos from schalke, you dont want a GK that is going to get arsey after a year as back up like lindegaard did with me!!! plus i think you can get good money for kagawa pjanic with that you could get ganso neymar gotze!!! but FALCAO VIDAL DEDE are a must

  4. Rooney was terrible on my save i would get rid hes not worth those wages at that age, my Central midfielders were Lorenzo Crisetig and Jack Wilshere, Falcao may be getting a bit old by 2015 though? Not too sure his exact age i bought him second season and he was amazing for two more but then went downhill bigtime. Angelo Henriquez turns into an amazing striker if you still have him, check out my FM Story Red Devils Domination i have played 12 years as Man Utd on that.

  5. Fabio should go, He's not that great tbh.

    Rafael can always drop in to the left back position if Santon picks up an injury with Phil Jones also able to play DR.

    I agree with the above poster that Dede is good or Papadopoulos is awesome. Matip has also done well for Villa in my game he maybe worth a punt, or alternatively just keep an eye out for a good regen.

  6. David Alaba from Bayern is one of the best left backs in the game, i'd sell fabio and buy him!
    Midfield could possibly do with a box-box central midfielder, Sandro/M'Vila spring to mind and you can sell fletcher.
    Hernandez is a goal machine so i wouldnt really sell him, plus his wages a relatively low to others.
    I owuld consider buying a Right Winger, as Valencia IMO is poor, Mario Gotze is awesome.
    I would also try get rid of Rooney but it will be difficult!
    Sub goalie, any young wonderkid

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