Leftback needed for Southampton first season

  1. Leftback needed for Southampton first season

    I need a good left back for my Southampton team The younger the better but needs to be a good premership standard.


  2. Luke Shaw should be in the youth team, he is a great player in a few seasons for mid table/top half prem teams

  3. Yeah he will be my first choice but looking for a decent back up as don't think David Fox will quite cut the mustard

  4. neil taylor (swansea). offered puncheon + 2 million Pounds and he came. WIll do the job until Shaw is ready.

    Also, shaw can start for a PL winning side in 3 years and can be the best left back in england in 5.

  5. Luke Shaw has been performing well since I bought him in my first season, why wait and spend money elsewhere

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