Manchester United - First season
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  1. Manchester United - First season

    I'm having trouble to find good aml and amr in the games, but ones that are not only technically good, but also consistent.
    As AMR the best one that i got was Belhanda, but as for AML... I even tried Rooney to retrain, but truth be told, he's a monster as in a more central position.
    My team, so far:

    GK de Gea
    DR Rafael
    DC Vidic
    DC Sakho
    DL Evra
    CM Carrick
    CM Radja
    AMR Belhanda/Valencia
    AML Isco(?)
    AMC Rooney
    STC van Persie/Chicharito

    Any ideas?

  2. AML - Bale.

  3. I don't know about Bale... I didn't have the best of experiences with him in previous saves.

    Any other names?

  4. Gotze. Bale is awesome though

  5. If you do not want Bale then Yarlemenko? (The Ukrainian)

  6. Gotze is my top priority for the next season but, for now, his asking price is "too damm high"! About 65 million Borussia is asking!
    That's why I'm going crazy about this AML thing, because he's always my first choice!
    Bale is good but I settled with this: retraining Rooney and buying Simone Pepe. He's like "old but gold".
    I also have Ongenda, so...Pepe's experience will be great!

  7. If you offer to buy bale for 23 million on the first day of your job you can get him. Young can be sold off for 20m to arsenal on the first day as well. So great deal if you ask me. 3 million for bale and you get rid of ashely young.

  8. Andre Schurlle from Leverkusen is fantastic for my save.

  9. Schurre is the best.

  10. Bale was just pure class in my united save, ripping defences apart and he could finish, and in my opinion for the right hand side for 5 years valencia is untouchable as amr, pace to burn, gets to the by line, drilling crossing, and above all he has performed consistently for me

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