Help with LB/RB for Man Utd

  1. Help with LB/RB for Man Utd


    Starting 3rd season in an epic battle with my fiancees brother. I've got Alaba, Jones, Vidic (zouma cover) and rafael in my defence. I think it's pretty epic but I am lacking a bit on LB and RB area.

    I want a player that won't mind not playing every week but will definitely get games, would be amazing if they were a LB and a RB e.g santon.

    A young player would be great but open to anything if the price isn't a rip off. Got up to 20million to spend.

    First name I am sure you will think of is Santon but they are asking for 35million but not paying it.

    Armero has moved already.
    Baines has moved already.

    It's 2am in UK so don't expect much response but I won't be in the transfer window for long guys so early responses appreciated.

  2. try finding a regen with great potential and rotate thats what i do with my liverpool team as I have corchia and santon

  3. Sebastien Corchia, 23, of Sochaux is not a bad shout. Only competent as a left back though so he'll require a little training. Should be available within your budget.

  4. Help with LB/RB for Man Utd-s-bastien-corchia_-overview-attributes.png

    This is him in 10th season if it helps you to decide. All computer training by the way.
    Also, I meant he's 23 in your game now.

  5. AS there are no good complete natural DR/DL I highly recommend for your 3rd season

    Natural DR,good DL
    serge aurier
    Diego Renan
    Mattia De Sciglio
    Nathaniel Clyne
    Silvio (At.Madrid)

    Natural DL,good DR
    Fabio (man U still?)
    Evgeny Makeev
    Kevin Theophile-catherine
    Didac (AC Milan)

    also worth having a look at Aleko Alekov to see how he has developed and of course those regens!!

  6. What have you done to Fabio? He's pretty much exactly what you're asking for; young, good potential and can play on both sides.

  7. Thanks for all the replies people.

    Fabio sold for 13million whilst Evra covered Alba. Needed every penny of Fabio deal.
    Corchia is a great shout and I put in a bid for him about half hour ago.
    I already have a regen that I think is going to be world class but I me and the guy I play with have £10 on Prem, £10 on Champions League and £5 on FA CUP every season (we pay out after 3 years) so I can't really afford any player that might just not step up on the day he is needed when I am in all of the different competition and rotation is required.

    Funny thing is though... Newcastle just accepted a £15million bid a couple of days after Santon signed a new contract Weird how the game does that sometimes but I am happy now. Got Alba, Santon, Jones, Bartra, Rafael and amazing regen that can either play natural as a full back or atleast cover if I have an injury pile up.

    SWEEEET. Got 12million left but Rooney wanting a big pay out in his last year so might have to adjust budget and just give him what he wants Can't let him go for a free!!

    Cheers all!

  8. Luke Shaw, G Bong

  9. Check on Alex Sandro? Or maybe even Alaba. He got unhappy on my game!

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