Napoli 2nd season January

  1. Napoli 2nd season January

    I play a 4-2-3-1, did play 352 but with attacking options i have changed. I have £7mil too spend!

    My first team is- De Sanctis, Maggio, Cannavaro, Kirchhoff, Bocchetti, Kara, Inler, Wellington Nem, Pandev, Cavani

    Main players i rotate- Zuniga, Insigne, Dzemalli, Behrami, Vargas, Kweuke(loan)
    Other players include- Rosati, Britos, Gamberini, Bressan, Dossena

    I have signed Christian Benitez, Garmash and Neuton on pre contracts

  2. Just like to point out you have only put 10 players in your first XI... :/

    I'd say try to get Kweuke permanently, he's really good and a bargain. And try to get someone to replace Bocchetti (Who I presume you are playing at LB) so that he can play as CB in place of Cannavaro, and get a natural fullback.

    BTW; has Demba Ba, Adryan and Ademilson already moved? Because any of them are bargains with there release fees!

  3. Ah yeh i rotate Vargas/Insigne in the other am position lol. I will check on them players but i think i will need too change my formation too pair one of those quality strikers with Cavani if i get any.

    Yeh i do play Bocchetti as a LB, i was thinking of Armero who is transfer listed for PSG.


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